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How to earn a 2021/22 Pro spot

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Earn an ACL pro spot in 2021/22

If you want to earn a Pro spot for the next season, you need to read this! We understand that the 20/21 season has not even started yet but if you have your sights set on becoming a Pro for the 21/22 season, you need to start preparing now to make your dream a reality. Lets jump right in and give you all the new info, as of today, that you need to focus on.

As the sport of cornhole grows, many backyard players are looking for information on how to take their game to the next level after seeing a match on ESPN over the weekend and muttering, I could beat that guy. Well, this is your big chance! Put your bags where your mouth is. Read below on exactly what you need to do to get the opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to earn on of those 256 Pro spots in the American Cornhole League.

How many Pro spots next season?

Lets start off by talking about how many Pro spots there will be for the 2021/22 season. There will be 256 Pro spots available. The Top 50 Doubles players and Top 100 Singles players from this 2020/21 season will automatically qualify which will take up approximately 100-200 players depending on how many overlap those lists. From there 24 players will qualify from the ACL Open Standings, we will discuss the Open Standings below. And 32 players will qualify via the ACL Pro Qualifier. One very important change for the Pro players, if you are not one of the players in the top 50 doubles or top 100 singles, you can play for a Pro spot in the ACL Pro Qualifier. After all this, if there are any remaining open spots needed to fill the 256, spots will be divided up among the ACL Open and the Pro Qualifier participants as well as some applications.

What is the ACL Open Standings?

The Open Standings are for all the non-pro players in the ACL. Last season there was singles, doubles, etc, this is just going to be an overall standings for everyone. And here is what will be looked at to determine the top 24 players that will be invited to the Pro division.

  • Best open event finish in both singles and doubles
  • Two best conference/state tournament finishes in both singles and doubles
  • Five best regional finishes in both singles and doubles
  • Ten best local event finishes in both singles and doubles

What are Open events?

Last year the 4 Nationals were open to the public where anyone could come and play. This year, the National events are only open to the Pro players. They will be a made for TV event where people can come and spectate, in a non-COVID world, and enjoy watching the professionals compete. They will also be broadcasted on ESPN. There will be at least eight big Open events, one for each of the biggest conferences in the ACL. These open events will replace Nationals for the general public. Anyone from Pro to social players can compete in these. With 8 of these events, you only need to compete in 1 to max out on your open standings. Locations of these open events will be announced shortly.

Conference/State Tournament

Whats different this year, instead of 3 conference events per conference, there will now only be two conference events and every state will have a state championship.

ACL Membership Levels

$5 Membership – this is good if you just want to show up in the standings.
$30 Membership – This is very similar to last years $25 membership. You will get the 1000 bonus ACL points and $5 off the cost of every ACL event you play
$100 Membership – Which includes everything from the $30 membership as well as a 1 year subscription to the ACLDN plus, access to flash sales with 10% OFF at the ACL Shop, access to personal stats and early pre-registration to all open events.

Becoming a member is the first step for a Pro Spot

This is the information we have as of today, 8/28/2020. This information comes direct from the ACL. For more info, visit their website directly and be sure to tell them, you heard about it on Cornhole Addicts. This is subject to change and if it does, we will make the appropriate changes here.

Of course, if you are playing in the ACL, you will need some ACL Approved cornhole bags. Be sure to visit our Pro Shop for all the best bags and equipment to make your game the best it can be. We are Everything Cornhole to Feed Your Addiction!