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Character and Integrity series bags

Character and Integrity Series

Today we are going to check out some cornhole bags from Cornhole Solutions. They offer 5 different bags broken down into 2 series, Character and Integrity. The Character Series features the 77, 99 and 00 while the Integrity Series has the 88 and 22. All of their bags are filled with resin but what really sets them apart from other bags out there is that the Character Series features a “tiny resin” which will make the bags even more hole friendly which ultimately means they will melt into the hole unlike any other bag. 

Character Series 

Let’s start with the 77, out of all of the bags, including the Integrity Series, these bags feel the most broken in and ready to go out of the box. They are ACL Pro stamped and have a speed of 8 on the fast side and 6 on the slower side. These bags feel great in your hands and feel like they form around your grip for a very comfortable feel. These bags can be compared to an All-Slide in terms of speed and play.

Next let’s look at the 00 bags. These are ACL Comp stamped and are a stick and slick bag. They have a medium slick fabric on one side and a suede on the other side with a speed rating of 4 on the stick side and 8 on the fast side. They have a great feel to them out of the box as well. 

Like the 00, the 99 are also ACL Comp stamped and have a medium slick side and a fast slick side. As with the rest of the Character series these bags have a great feel but not as broken in out of the box as the other two bags. Both sides of the bag seem to have a very similar material. 

Integrity Series 

First, let’s look at the 22. They are ACL Comp stamped and have a speed rating of 8 on the fast side and 3 on the slow side. They have a suede on one side and a slick woven material on the other side. They have a nice full and a heavier feel to them 

The second set of the Integrity series is the 88. These bags are also ACL Comp stamped and a fast and faster type bag. They feel like they have the same material on both sides of the bag and the speeds are so close, they might as well. They are rated at an 8-9 on either side, hard to really tell the difference but if you prefer a fast bag with a heavier feel, this could be one to try.  

Character and Integrity

Character and Integrity Battle Test 

So I broke out the boards and got some of our members from Sack Masterz Cornhole to come out and give these bags a workout. Now remember these bags were all right out of the box. 

Character 77: These bags played extremely well, very comfortable to throw, very smooth and a good speed difference where it was easy to throw a blocker and easy to push. Overall theses bags were the crowd favorite. Even though they have a broken in feel and the tiny resin they still can use some breaking in to get a true feel if the tiny resin really makes them melt into the hole.

“These bags are a great overall bag that I would definitely use in my arsenal, loved how they played especially right out of the box”
Mark P 

Character 00: These bags played a lot like the 77’s but with more of a bite on the slow side. A very smooth playing bag with no kick.

Character 99: They had a slight speed difference from one side to the other. If you’re looking for a bag that is not too fast and not too slow then this is the bag for you. 

“A very consistent bag that I felt comfortable throwing”
Tim C 

Integrity 22: These bags are a true stick and slick bag with the stick side being very sticky and the fast side being very fast. Quite a big range from one side to the other but they compliment each other perfectly. The stick side made it hard for other bags to push through it but not for its counterpart. The stick side also had no kick and overall this bag played great. 

Integrity 88: If you like fast bags then these are for you. A slight difference in speed from one side to the other but both are fast. Even though they are fast they are controllable and play very nice. 

“If you like a slide bag on both sides, this is a great bag. It’s basically a fast and faster bag. Bags feel great in your hands, and were very easy to control. 4 baggers we’re a plenty first time using them.”
James B 

Character and Integrity Series – Conclusion 

All 5 series of bags are ACL Approved for tournament play. They all have a similar weight, right around 16oz, width and thickness which seems to give them the perfect fill to size ratio.

Out of the 5 series of Character and Integrity bags, we feel that the Character 77 and 00 as well as the Integrity 22 bags offer some great qualities and will rival some other popular bags on the market today.

As for the tiny resin making a difference, unfortunately we were unable to truly tell for sure as they need more break in time to get a true reading but I am looking forward to finding out. We plan to give the Character 00 a Sac Relax treatment so we can get the full effect and performance of the tiny resin. We will report back after.

Character 00 Bags with Sac Relax

When I got home I had to test the Sac Relax on a set of the 00 bags but for this process, I did not follow the directions exactly. I chose to try a shortened 30 minute treatment and this is what I did. Rubbed the sac relax into both sides of the bag making sure to cover the seams as well. Let the bags sit on the counter, NOT submerged under water, for 15 minutes. Thoroughly rinsed them in water then into the dryer with a towel on low heat for 15 minutes. And here are the results!

Character 00 bags after a quick 30 minute treatment of Sac Relax
Character 00 bags after a quick 30 minute treatment of Sac Relax

Ultimately, no matter what type of bag you’re looking for, the Character and Integrity series has you covered! Head over to our Cornhole Solutions page to grab a set today!

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