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First Impression of the Feisty bags

First Impressions of The Feisty Bags

The Feisty bags are one of our new bags in our Pro Shop. It is brought to us by Feist Bags and Boards. This is their first year making bags and they have a few different series to choose from, all of which are stamped as ACL Comp. Today we are going to focus on one of them, the Feisty .

Initial Thoughts of the Feisty Bags

With so many bags hitting the market now, so many players are looking for the differences that set each manufacturer apart. Feist Bags and Boards not only focuses on making a quality product but they want it to look awesome too. They are willing to customize your bags with your special logo or artwork if that is what you desire.

Initially the bags have a stiff feel similar to many brand-new bags but the quality is certainly on the higher end for a smaller manufacturer. The stitching on these bags is uniform and even with double stitching along the interior. The fill is a larger resin and the material has a nice soft texture in the hand.

I decided to work these bags in by hand for this review to rate the Feisty bags as is and not let alternative methods take away from the bag itself. The company compares this bag to a .357 from Killshot Cornhole, but I would prefer to place these in their own category. The speed is rated at a 6 on the slower side and a 7 on the fast side. Once fully broken-in these will be a super hole friendly option to add to your lineup!

Feist Bags Speed Scales

Feisty Game Test

Despite whatever design a bag may have on it, we all know it comes down to performance on the boards. This bag is a slick/slick or fast and fast type bag that is perfect for those who seek the hole on all 4 throws.

If you prefer a more strategic game with blockers and messy boards to cut, flop or roll then this bag may not be for you. We suggest checking out the Wanted bag, also sold in our Pro Shop. I myself love a good control side to a bag so I can lay a blocker and disrupt my opponents game plan. With that being said, sometimes we all need a slick hole magnet in our lineup and the Feisty easily fills that need.

Overall initial impression

After giving the Feisty a solid week of testing, the verdict is in. Overall, this bag meets the needs that most players look for when shopping for a new bag. The price point is on the higher end for an ACL COMP stamped bag but the quality is right up there with the biggest names in the bag manufacturing game. If you love a bag that has 2 slick sides, you prefer to chase the hole every bag and you prefer to not play the blocker strategy then the Feisty is a great bag to pick up. 

Bag design8/10

Out of box playabilty5/10

Break in period7/10


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