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First Impression of the TossTek Logo and Precision Bags

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TossTek Logo and Precision series bags

I was lucky enough to get my hands on 2 out of the 3 brand new bags series by a brand new company called TossTek Cornhole and when I say new bag series I mean they were just released at the beginning of October. All 3 of their bag series are ACL approved for the 2020/2021 season. The 2 series we will be looking at and battle testing, as I brought them to our Wednesday night cornhole league for other people to check and use in actual games, will be the Logo series and the Precision series.

TossTek Logo Series Bags

Let’s first start with the Logo series. When you first see these bags they will grab your interest with rich vibrant colors and an awesome design. But what will really get you is when you actually hold them in your hand and feel the suede material they used. I would compare it to touching a big puffy cloud, not that I actually know what a cloud feels like but if I did this is what I would imagine. The bag is so soft and smooth and comfortable you won’t want to put it down.

This bag is a traditional stick and slick bag with their signature fabric on the fast side and a slower suede fabric on the other. The speed rating is a 8 on the fast side and 4 on the slow side.They have that broken in feel right out of the box with a nice medium fill to them. TossTek Cornhole says that these bags are great blocking bags but also very forgiving near the hole
especially on the stick side and the fast side can easily push the blockers and is very hole friendly. Sounds like a bag that can do it all and I can’t wait to test them out.

TossTek Precision Series Bags

Now let’s look at the TossTek Precision bags. Once again these bags will catch your eye with their deep rich colors and design. These bags are more like a fast and faster type bag, along the lines of the Killshots M134. The slower side is a suede material similar to the Logo bags but not as intense. The speed rating is 9 on the faster side and 6 on the fast side. These bags have a good medium fill to bag ratio and a somewhat broken in feel to them. When gripping the bag the part that overhangs your hand has a slight flex to it so I would say after a couple games they should be perfect, at least for me.

They are said to be fast bags and more for high levels players. I feel like these bags would be your go to bags for those hot humid summer days when the boards are sticky or in the fall when the sun goes down and then the temperature drops and the boards get that due on them so by the time your playing in the championship game the bags just stick where they land so you need that bag that can cut through that stuff. Overall a great looking and feeling bag that I’m excited to see in action.

TossTek Logo and Precision series bags

Logo and Precision Battle Test

Like I said earlier I took the Logo and Precision bags to our weekly cornhole night to see if they hold up to our first impressions and to see how they actually perform. Here are the results.

The TossTek Logo series:
Hands down these bags were a crowd favorite, everyone who touched them and used them, loved them. They loved how they felt, the colors and design. These bags performed exactly how they should. The stick side was able to be pushed with ease and the fast side was able to push with no issue and was very controllable. Any bag near the hole just melted in which for this
being the first time the bags were ever used says a lot. Overall a great bag that can do it all.

“Great bag, great feel, sticky side is not to sticky you can actually get some movement from it and the slide side works just perfectly. I would definitely buy these bags.” James B
“Nice slide vs stick, nice broken in feeling, my new favorite bags.” Coleen P

The TossTek Precision series:
Everyone was impressed with the colors and design on this bag as well as the feel of the bag. This bag could definitely use a little break in time to be spot on but overall not bad right out of the box. The TossTek bags play very nice and when they say they are fast they mean it, if you are not precise with lining your shot up with the hole it will fly right past it. These bags would be better suited for a player with a higher arching throw and definitely for those slow sticky boards.

“Fast and very fast. A little stiff when new but should be very hole friendly once broken in.” Scott D
“I like them a lot!! Fast side is fast and faster side is definitely FASTER!” Scott C

Overall a great job by TossTek Cornhole with these 2 new bag series. If you would like to pick up a set of either the Logo or Precision series, we offer then on the site.

We want to thank Mark from the Sack Masterz Cornhole league, and it’s members, for taking the time to do this right up and test of the TossTek bags. If you are in the Warren County, NJ area and looking for a league to call home, click here for their FB group.