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Gladiator Battle Bag cornhole bag backpack with dividers

First Impressions of The Gladiator Battle Bag

The patent-pending Gladiator Battle Bag Cornhole Backpack with Dividers, with it’s lifetime warranty is the last backpack you will ever purchase. This backpack has 1 purpose, to carry your cornhole bags and everything else you need when you go to battle on the boards. If you are looking for a premium cornhole bag carrying case with all the right features and the most velcro of any bag out there to display the maximum amount of patches, then you will want to check this cornhole backpack out!

Battle Bag – Cornhole Backpack with Dividers

PATCH-A-HOLICS The full velcro front gives you plenty of room to display your patches. As an added bonus, removing the side pouches will expose more Velcro for more patches!!

EASY TO CARRY The Battle Bag cornhole backpack is the perfect size with individual divided compartments inside designed to hold 4 sets of cornhole bags, 16 total. There is a zippered mesh flap which will keep the bags in place while you are accessing the inside sections of the front of the bag. This is a great place to keep a laptop, pens and paper, etc.

REMOVABLE SIDE POUCHES can be used with or without the bag. The one side features a pouch which is perfect for a water bottle. It has a vent at the bottom and Velcro all around the outside to maximize patch placement. And the other pouch is also removable but the perfect place for your cellphone, wallet, keys, snacks and anything else you like to bring during battle.

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION, FORTIFIED STRAPS & HANDLE so you can have confidence that your cornhole gear is safe. Whether you carry the Battle Bag over your shoulders with the straps or by the handle, they’ve been reinforced to support the weight.

THE PERFECTLY SIZED case remains comfortable on the shoulders even when carrying a full load.

RUGGED METAL ZIPPERS AND SOFT RUBBER PULLERS so you can quickly access your cornhole gear without fearing zipper breakage

Exterior Dimensions are 15.5 x 14.5 x 8

Purchase your Battle Bag Cornhole Backpack from us and we will throw in the first patch, Cornhole Addicts embroidered patch, absolutely FREE! For more information on the lifetime warranty, visit the Gladiator Cornhole Gear website

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Cornhole backpack with dividers-battle bag
Full velcro front for patches
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Shoulder straps or handle for easy carrying
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Tons of space inside bag
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Dividers spaced perfectly to hold 4 cornhole bags each

If you are looking for some new cornhole bags to fill your Battle Bag with, check out the line of bags from Gladiator Cornhole Gear and be sure to follow us on FB

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