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First Impressions of Prodigy Kornhole Bags

Today we are going to check out and give our first impressions on 4 new bag series from a new company called Prodigy Kornhole, started by a popular ACL Trickshot trickster, Systik Parker. We are going to take a look at Jersey Kush, Plush Limited, Hella-Coptors and Dual Chamber bags and tell you a little bit about each and then hand the bags in some players hands, get their feedback and post a revision.

Welcome to Prodigy Kornhole

We were shipped a special package that contained 4 separate white boxes each labeled with the Prodigy logo and tag line that reads “Living The Bag Life” as well as the name of the bag series. Not sure if this is the way they will ship the bags to you but I was quite impressed to see how far they went to make a great first impression. On top of that, each cornhole bag was individually wrapped in a clear sleeve.

We have outlined below what is written on the welcoming company description:
* All of the bags are filled with a specially formulated mixture of up to 6 different bead styles to achieve comfort and performance to satisfy all players in todays growing world of cornhole.
* Never any stiff or hard fabrics used
* Our bags play great right out of the box. Minimal break-in time, if any needed at all.
* Quality craftsmanship with a bag that will fit most all playing styles
* Not yet ACL Approved but coming soon

The Prodigy Kornhole Bags

Jersey Kush

The Jersey Kush Prodigy Kornhole bag is a stick and slick bag with a 5 bead mixture to help make the bag feel extra “Kush”. The bag speeds are rated at a 5 on the slower side and a 9.5 on the faster side giving this bag a good blocking and pushing advantage. The smooth feel and release of the Jersey Kush bags alongside the speed and stop ability, make these bags great for strategy and consistency including they have been known to flop with ease!

Prodigy Kornhole Jersey Kush

Plush Limited

Here we have superior high-end fabrics filled with a special 5 bead mix resulting in a beautiful, comfort and performance matching bag. This bag is another slick and stick bag with top of the line ultra-suede on the stick side rated at a 6 and an amazing light textured slick side rated at an 8.5. This bag has a relaxed comfortable loose feel but it’s not floppy. Designed to achieve consistency and precision of play on the boards. These bags are labeled limited because of the plush fabric we used may not be available nor affordable for long so we only purchased enough to make 600 bags. Get some while you can.

Prodigy Kornhole Plush Limited +


The Hella-Coptors are a fast and faster type bag with each side having different materials and speeds. The slower of the 2 sides feature a speed rating of 7 and a special soft ultra-suede material while the faster side is rated at a 9. This bag is a strong and accurate weapon with a bit of a thinner form for fast spinning, dual sliding and great push and cut ability. Bag is filled with a special 3 bead mixture creating a smooth feel but tough enough to power through any bag in your way.

Prodigy Kornhole Hella-Copter

Dual Chambers

These bags are like no other out there. Specially constructed creating 2 split chambers inside the bag and each evenly filled with a 4 bead mixture creates a powerful bag that keeps it’s desired flat form easier than any bag on the market. Speed rated at a 6 and 9 puts this bag in the medium-fast and faster category. Medium thickness with great form make the DC’s extremely useful and versatile with heavy push power. Bags perform well for multi bag airmail drags!

Prodigy Kornhole Dual Chamber

Unfortunately, these bags are not yet available to the public but when they are, they will be listed along with all of our other bags in our Pro Shop. We offer the Largest Selection of Cornhole Bags on the internet. If you know what bag speeds fit your play style, use our Cornhole Bag Recommendations page, enter the 2 speeds and we will recommend some.

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  1. Anthony Valenzuela

    This Prodigy line of cornhole bags looks very interesting! I think there will be a ton of interest once they hit the market. Is it possible to get notifications on release dates or pre-purchase?

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