Titan Bags by West Georgia Cornhole

Sneak Peak of the Titan Bags by WGC

Ever heard of Titan Bags? If you have been playing cornhole for sometime you are probably familiar with the large bag line up by West Georgia Cornhole. You may have used bags like the Cosmonaut, Mach1, Hellfire and F-35, 4 of their current 9 bag series. Well today we give you a sneak peak into their newest line up called Titan Bags

There are 12 different bags and are all ACL Approved for this 2020-2021 season. 6 of the new Titan Bags are approved as ACL Comp and 6 as ACL Pro. Each bag offers something different and rather than our normal First Impressions writing style, we are really just going to focus on the bag speeds and mention some things we notice.

Please keep in mind, the speeds of a bag are to be used as a reference only. Actual speeds are hard to test as there are many different factors that such as the boards and the weather that effect how the bags play. And, while the speed of a bag is a good reference, the material also plays a huge part in how the bag plays. Not all bags with a speed rating of 4 and 7 play the exact same way.

titan bags
Titan Bags Speed Scales

ACL Comp Approved Titan Bags

Lets start off with 2 of the slowest bags in the bunch.

  • Jekyll & Slyde 3.0 is the slowest, stickiest bag rated at a 0 and the fastest bag rated at a 10 (but probably more like a 12 or 13, LOL). The 2.0 version actually had a rubber backing whereas this 3.0 series has a different look and feel
20201020 161718
Slow side of the Jeckyll & Slyde 3.0
  • Dozer which is a traditional slick n stick bag and is the only one in this series with a suede material. This bag is rated at a 2 and 6 making it most compared to a Slide-Rite which as we know is a great bag that is used by players from beginner to pro

The next 4 bags approved for the ACL Comp division are a mid-range bag. We find these bags to be most popular with players from intermediate to competitive but you will find a similar speed bag of each in the ACL Pro bags too.

  • Charger has a rating of 4 and 6 and is similar to that of the Intimidator bag in the Pro Division.
  • Mauler bag is sits inside the numbers of the Mangler at a 5 and 7
  • Mangler gives you a little more range over the Mauler at a rating of 4 and 8.
  • Scavenger is slightly faster than the mangler on the slow side sitting at a 5 and equal on the fast side at an 8

ACL Pro Approved Titan Bags

Mostly all bags used in the Pro division feature a fast/faster type bag. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Pro throwing a sticky bag and trying to block, not that it hasn’t or won’t happen. So the slowest bag of the 6 ACL Pro Approved bags in this series sits at a 4 on the speed ratings.

  • Juggernaut is equal in speeds of the ACL Comp Mauler at a 5 and 7 but accomplishes it with different materials to give the bag a it’s own feel and play.
  • Intimidator at a 4 and 6 is one of the slowest bags approved for the Pro Division.
  • Stampede is the only bag in this line up that can actually be called a fast and faster type bag. With speeds of 6 and 10, this is the fastest of the bunch.
  • Ravager is a nice mid-range bag which is just a tad slower on the slow side than the Devastator with a 5 rating but equally fast on the other with an 8. One important detail on this bag, it has a “patch” on the slower side made up of the same material as the backside of the Jeckyll & Slyde but since it is just a patch, it shouldn’t slow the bag down as much.
20201020 161639 2
Ravager patch
  • Devastator is a slightly faster mid-range bag with speeds of 6 and 8
  • Grizzly is a true mid speed bag giving you the range of a 4 and 7.

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