TossTek 6 New Bag Lineup

First Impressions – TossTek Bags

TossTek Bags is bringing the fire this 2021/22 season introducing 6 new stamped bag series which is sure to offer something for everyone. TossTek is a newer company having launched in October 2020. They started with 3 series of bags, Logo, Precision and Power but decided to drop those and revamp their entire lineup utilizing everything they learned over the past year. This season they came out swinging with 6 new and exciting bags that look and feel amazing. We are super excited to be offering these and feel this will be huge for them!

All 6 of the TossTek bags are ACL Stamped for the 21/22 season. Logo 2.0, Impulse and Teleport all carry the ACL Comp stamp while Commander, Silencer and Velocity are ACL Pro stamped. We are going to go into a little bit of detail about each bag to help you make the right decision on which bag best for you. All of the TossTek bags have rounded corners and are stitched exceptionally well with small, tight closing seams. All the bags have a full, firm feel in the hand and a smaller resin pellet. A huge advantage to the small pellet is when the fabric of the bag breaks in fully, the smaller fill makes it more hole friendly.

TossTek Bags speed scales

ACL Comp Stamped TossTek Bags

Starting off with the ACL Comp stamped TossTek bags. Starting with the slower bags and working our way up, Impulse is a slick and stick type bag with sticky suede side rated at a 2 and a faster basket weave side rated at a 7. Teleport series is a medium speed carpet bag with speeds at 4 and 5. The Logo 2.0 is a fast suede, speed 6 coupled with a faster side material, speed 9.

ACL Pro Stamped TossTek Bags

The ACL Pro stamped TossTek bags start off with the Silencer, a true carpet bag mingled with a control side giving you speeds of 4 and 6. This is the perfect bag for all your roll, bounce, flop and cut shots! Next in line is the Commander, a medium fast and faster side rated at a 6 & 8. And finally, Velocity is a fast and faster type bag sitting at an 8 & 9. All of the Pro bags have a nice loose, ready to go feel right out of the box.

We are in love with this entire lineup of bags and will carry stock of each one! Click here below grab a set today
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