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League & Player Sponsorship

Player Sponsorship is where we partner with a player to help each other throughout the season. We like to offer sponsorship’s for players from beginner to pro. But before you jump in and fill out our application, we want you to have a better understanding of what YOUR job as a sponsored player is going to be. Please check out this article we have written about the relationship between a brand and a player.
If you are looking to join #TeamAddicts, please fill out our application
Below are the current Sponsored Players and Brand Ambassadors for this season

While player sponsorship is important, working together with leagues and other companies will increase both of our chances of success. Leagues are super important in this growth and require amazing people to run them. Some of the best players in the game today came from good leagues that helped mold them in the great players they are. Be sure to let your league/tournament directors how much you appreciate all their hard work and time.

Below our sponsored players are the leagues that we currently have collaborated with and offer continued support. If your league would like to work with us and join our list, reach out. Lets talk about how we can help each other.
Also, check our Events page for upcoming tournaments.

2021/22 Team Addicts Sponsored Players

Cornhole Addicts sponsored player Clayton RobertsonCornhole Addicts sponsored player Connie AlticeCornhole Addicts sponsored player Nico Mireles

Cornhole Addicts sponsored player Rod Jara

Cornhole Addicts sponsored player kEVIN tODD

2021/22 Team Addicts Brand Ambassadors

Cornhole Addicts Brand Ambassador Hunter EvelerCornhole Addicts Brand Ambassador Wylan HessCornhole Addicts Brand Ambassador Chris CaudillCornhole Addicts Brand Ambassador Micheal Scott

Cornhole Addicts Brand Ambassador Kaeden Moore

Cornhole Addicts Brand Ambassador Wilbur McDonald

Cornhole Addicts Brand Ambassador Joshua Slocum

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