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Cornhole is Growing Fast and Sweeping Across America

Cornhole is one of the fastest growing games sweeping across America. It may also be known as “corn toss”, “bean bag toss”, “baggo”, or “bags”, but true players passionately call it by its real name – cornhole.  It’s a combination of horseshoes mixed with Skeeball and Bocce ball, but with corn/resin filled bags and boards with a 6″ hole. It’s great family fun and is an addictive game you will not want to stop playing once you start. It is great for all ages as well as men and women!

Cornhole boards have a surface area of 2 foot x 4 foot, and they gradually slope upward so the rear is 12 inches off the ground. A 6 inch hole is situated close to the back. The goal is to toss the 1 lb. corn/resin filled bags, toward the other board. The boards are placed 27 feet (front to front) apart.

Teams of two compete with four cornhole bags per person and two boards. First team to 21 points wins. A hole-in-one (aka “cornhole”) counts as 3 points, and every other bag that lands on the board counts as 1 point. Players can cancel opponents point values by earning the same amount of points in a single turn.

And when you get good enough, you can even become a cornhole professional. That’s right. The American Cornhole League has Pro status players or ACL Pros. We showcase them right here on Cornhole Addicts by creating them a personal profile page which will give you a little more information about them like their preferred cornhole bags or favorite color.. You can check out the many ACL Pros we already feature on the site and we are adding more daily. Click here to Meet the ACL Pros

Everything Cornhole to Feed Your Addiction

Once you play, you’ll see that it’s very addictive, easy and fun. Give it a try and you will become a Cornhole Addict yourself. Be sure to visit our store and check out the large selection of cornhole bags, boards, apparel and accessories. We have everything cornhole to Feed Your Addiction.

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