Bag Rep Program

Bag Rep Program

Cornhole Addicts Bag Rep Program

No doubt, every business needs to utilize the people that love their brand to become great ambassadors and/or sales people. We are seeking a couple of those people now and would love to have multiple Bag Reps throughout the USA . Check out our program details below and let us know if you have any questions or would like to get started now.

What we are looking for in a Bag Rep:

  • First and foremost, we want someone to represent Cornhole Addicts in the same manner we do. We are known for not only quality bags and products but amazing customer service. We could only ask that you provide the same for our customers/potential customers.
  • Social Media presence is key! We want you to be an extension of our amazing customer service team. If you see customer/potential customer questions on FB/Social media platforms we would love for you to help answer them! Share Addicts FB posts, Create FB posts, etc.
  • Market Cornhole Addicts bags exclusively, it will only work if you believe and love our bags as much as we do.
  • Sales are important, but not the only important part of this relationship. We understand there may not always be a ton of sales but please note that this is a business and if there are never any bag sales, we have the right to revoke the Bag Rep title at any time.
  • Our bags are NOT stamped for play in the ACL, therefore, we are really seeking someone that doesn’t play mostly ACL Events

Benefits of becoming a Sales/Bag Rep for Cornhole Addicts

  • Discount code to give to your customers
  • Bonus incentives for our branded bag sales!
  • Special discount code exclusively for your purchases
  • Recognition as a member of Team Cornhole Addicts
  • Potential to earn free bags/swag/merchandise based on monthly sales
  • New products in your hands before the public
  • Offer your input on future designs and products

We have currently put our Bag Rep program on hold

If you are not familiar with our line of bags, check them out below

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