What are the acl pro teams for 2023

ACL Pro Teams

About The ACL Pro Teams?

The 2023 American Cornhole League (ACL) season has introduced a significant change this year, ACL Pro Teams. 16 Teams which have generated a lot of buzz among cornhole enthusiasts. The teams have been divided into 4 regions, and each team will comprise 16 or fewer of the world’s top cornhole players.

Throughout the season, the ACL Pro teams will compete head to head in “Team Matchups,” with a maximum of 10 rounds per game. Each team will have 7 doubles pairings, which will compete against the opposing team’s 7 doubles pairings. The team that wins 4 out of 7 games wins the matchup.

At the end of the regular season, the top ACL Pro 2 teams from each region will advance to the single elimination playoffs held at the 2023 ACL World Championships. This new format promises to bring a fresh and exciting dimension to the league, as well as a heightened level of competition among the teams.

This season there are 2 main divisions of ACL Pro Teams: American and National Division. Under each division there will be 2 regions containing 4 teams each for a total of 16 teams. 

American Division ACL Pro Teams

The North Region consists of: 
New England Woodchucks
Pennsylvania Ringers
Ohio Aviators
Michigan Marauders

The South Region consists of: 
Carolina Coasters
Florida Freeze
Georgia Sliders
Virginia Cutters

National Division ACL Pro Teams

The Central Region consists of: 
Missouri Maize
Chicagoland Spinners
Texas Bully Bags
Kentucky Kernels

The West Region consists of: 
Cali Slingers
Las Vegas High Rollers
Arizona Burn
Colorado Timber

Watching the ACL Pro Team Matches

The American Cornhole League will have 8 regular season televised broadcasts for acl pro team events on CBS Sports Network. The American and National Conference finals as well as the Teams World Championship Final will also be aired on CBS Sports Network. The first two CBS airing for ACL Teams happened during the 2023 Kickoff Battle (Easter Weekend) where Aviators took on the Bully Baggers and Maize took on the Coasters!

Can the Teams Trade Players?

Yes! This year, team trades are allowed AND has already happened. The Ohio Aviators traded Jeremy Schermerhorn to the Michigan Marauders for both ACL Pros Carson Goette and Gabe Dolen. I’m sure this won’t be the only trade of the season and can’t wait to see what the teams look like at the end of the season.

Which teams do you think will be in the 2023 ACL Pro Team World Championship? Check here for all the ACL Events

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