Earn an ACL pro spot

How to earn an ACL Pro spot

If you want to earn an ACL Pro spot for the next season, you need to read this! It is possible that the new season has not even started yet but if you have your sights set on claiming one of those ACL Pro spots, you need to start preparing now to make your dream a reality. Lets jump right in and give you all the new info, as of today, that you need to focus on.

As the sport of cornhole grows, many backyard players are looking for information on how to take their game to the next level after seeing a match on ESPN over the weekend and muttering, I could beat that guy. Well, this is your big chance! Put your bags where your mouth is. Read below on exactly what you need to do to get the opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to earn on of those 256 ACL Pro spots in the American Cornhole League.

ACL Pro spot

How to Qualify for a 2022/23 ACL Pro Spot

Below are the ways to qualify for an ACL Pro spot for the 2022/23 season: 

  1. ACL Pros for the 2021-2022 season who finish in the Top 100 of the ACL Pro Singles standings or Top 50 of the ACL Pro Doubles standings will automatically be eligible for an ACL Pro spot in 2022-2023. This allows 100-200 of the current ACL Pro’s to retain their Pro Status.
  2. A minimum of the top 24 in the ACL Open Standings who do not qualify as an ACL Pro outlined in #1 above will be allowed to become an ACL Pro for the 2022-2023 season. ACL Pros will appear in Open Standings assuming they compete in their regional, conference, local, and open events.
  3. A minimum of 32 spots will be open to play for at the 2022 ACL World Championship in the “ACL Pro Qualifier” event. All 2021-2022 ACL Pros who did not qualify in #1 or #2 above will be eligible to play in this event along with other players.
  4. Each ACL Conference Director (14 total) is eligible to host an ACL Pro Qualifier event between the conclusion of the 2022 ACL World Championships and September 15, 2022 open to the top 100 or more ranked players in that particular conference.
  5. All remaining ACL Pro spots will be filled via an ACL Pro Application.

Benefits of an ACL Pro

  • The ability to refer to yourself as an ACL Pro in the public marketplace and market yourself to sponsors as an ACL Pro. 
  • Participation in the ACL Pro Standings and Prize Pool associated with it.
  • Entry into the ACL Pro Singles, ACL Pro Doubles, and ACL Pro Team events at ACL Pro Nationals, ACL Pro Shootout Qualifiers and the 2021 ACL World Championships.
  • Opportunity to qualify for the ACL Pro Doubles Shootout Championship. 
  • Opportunity to qualify for the ACL Pro Singles Shootout Championship. 
  • Opportunity to purchase an ACL Pro Officially licensed jersey.
  • Recognition on the ACL Website in the ACL Pro Section.
  • Opportunities to be selected for ACL Special Events and Public Relations opportunities.
  • International opportunities with the WCO.
  • Additional opportunity to appear on Nationally Televised events.

2021-2022 Season Details

The ACL Pro Division will be the only skill level within the ACL that will have a guaranteed prize pool.

The minimum ACL Pro guaranteed prize pool is $1,000,000, spread across all ACL Pro events, doubled from 2020-2021. The ACL reserves the right to increase the total prize pool at any time.

ACL National Dates

February 11-13, 2022 – California – ACL Kickoff Battle

March 18-20, 2022 – East Coast – ACL Cornhole Mania

May 6-8, 2022 – Central USA – ACL Bag Brawl

July 1-4, 2022 – Gulf Coast – ACL Final Chase

August 2022 – TBD – ACL World Championships

ACL Pro Standings will be based on Top 3 Pro National Finishes and the ACL Pro Championships (with separate standings for ACL Pro Doubles and ACL Pro Singles). 

The ACL National Series of events will be broadcasted on ESPN networks and ACL Pro Shootout Series of events will be broadcasted on CBS networks.

2021-2022 ACL Pro Points

There are 2 types of events where ACL Pros will earn points towards their ACL Pro Rankings during the 2021-2022 Season.

ACL World Championships – Each ACL Pro Doubles team and each ACL Pro Singles player will count the points earned at the 2022 ACL World Championships as part of their Pro Standings

ACL Pro Nationals – There will be 4 ACL Pro National events during the 2021-2022 season. Each ACL Pro Doubles team and each ACL Pro Singles player will count their best 3 out of 4 finishes at ACL Pro Nationals

This is the information we have and it comes direct from the ACL. For more info, visit their website directly and be sure to tell them, you heard about it on Cornhole Addicts. This is subject to change and if it does, we will make the appropriate changes here.

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