Earn an ACL pro spot

How to earn an ACL Pro spot

To secure an ACL Pro spot in the upcoming season, it’s crucial to absorb this information. Although the new season may not have commenced, if you aspire to attain one of those coveted Pro spots, it’s essential to commence preparations immediately in order to transform your dream into a tangible achievement. Without further ado, let’s delve into the latest updates that require your undivided attention.

With the rising popularity of cornhole, numerous amateur enthusiasts are seeking guidance to elevate their game after being inspired by a televised match and confidently claiming, “I can outperform that player.” Now is your moment to prove it! Back your words with action by delving into the following instructions that will grant you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Prepare yourself for a shot at securing one of the coveted 256 ACL Pro spots within the American Cornhole League.

Earn a 2024/25 ACL Pro Spot

Ways to qualify for an ACL Pro spot for the 2024/25 season: 

  1. The top 50 ranked ACL Pro Doubles Teams in ACL Pro Doubles standings will qualify to be an ACL Pro.The top 50 ranked ACL Pro Doubles Teams in ACL Pro Doubles standings will qualify to be an ACL Pro.
  2. The top 30 ranked ACL Pro Singles players in ACL Pro Singles standings who did not automatically qualify via #1 above will qualify to be an ACL Pro.
  3. The top 20 ranked ACL Pro Women in ACL Pro Singles Standings will qualify to be an ACL Pro. Note: any females qualified for #1 and #2 above will still count towards the 20.
  4. The top 2 Elite ranked players via ACL Pro Singles Standings and the top Elite ranked doubles team via ACL Pro Doubles Standings will qualify to be an ACL Pro. Note: there will be 4 players who qualify in this step, so if there is overlap between singles and doubles, the 2nd ranked player/team will qualify.
  5. The top 24 ranked Elite players or Pro players in ACL Open Standings who do not qualify as an ACL Pro outlined in #1-#4 above will qualify to be an ACL Pro.
  6. The top 8 ranked Elite players or Pro players in ACL Women’s Standings who do not qualify as an ACL Pro outlined #1-#5 above will qualify to be an ACL Pro.
  7. The top 32 finishers at the 2024 ACL Pro Qualifier will qualify to be an ACL Pro. All 2023-2024 ACL Pros who did not qualify in #1-6 above will be eligible to play in this event along with other players.
  8. Each ACL Conference Director (15 total) is eligible to host an ACL Pro Qualifier event between the conclusion of the 2024 ACL World Championships and September 15, 2024 open to the top 100 ranked players in that particular conference.
  9. There will be 10 players accepted into the ACL Pro Division via ACL Sponsor Exceptions determined by the ACL National Staff.
  10. The winner of the 2024 USA Cornhole Junior Singles National Championship will qualify to be an ACL pro. See additional U18 Details below.
  11. All remaining spots will be filled top-down from ACL Pro Singles Standings who have not already qualified via 1-10 above.

If you are a backyard player looking to earn your ACL Pro spot, one of the best ways to do it is on points. Play tons of ACL events, win, rank in the top in your conference, state, at ACL Opens, etc. Or, work your butt off all year and head to the qualifier to grab your ACL Pro spot! Good luck

U18 ACL Pro spots

The 2023-2024 ACL Pro Division will feature only nine (9) ACL Pros under the age of 18 as of January 31, 2024.

Moving forward beginning in 2024-2025, the ACL will allow 8 U18 players within the Pro Division. Each season’s 8 U18 players will be selected in order of the Pro qualification process as outlined above. Any player that would have qualified to be an ACL Pro but is under 18 and was not one of the first 8 players to qualify will receive a free acceptance into the Elite program the following season. The USA Cornhole Junior Singles National Championship will always qualify the champion as a Pro giving them an ACL Pro spot. In the event the champion had not already qualified as an ACL Pro, the division will carry 9 U18 players that season.

Benefits of an ACL Pro

  • The ability to refer to yourself as an ACL Pro in the public marketplace and market yourself to sponsors as an ACL Pro. 
  • Participation in the ACL Pro Standings and Prize Pool associated with it.
  • Entry into the ACL Pro Singles, ACL Pro Doubles, and ACL Pro Team events at ACL Pro Nationals, ACL Pro Shootout Qualifiers and the ACL World Championships.
  • Opportunity to qualify for the ACL Pro Doubles Shootout Championship. 
  • Opportunity to qualify for the ACL Pro Singles Shootout Championship. 
  • Opportunity to purchase an ACL Pro Officially licensed jersey.
  • Recognition on the ACL Website in the ACL Pro Section.
  • Opportunities to be selected for ACL Special Events and Public Relations opportunities.
  • International opportunities with the WCO.
  • Additional opportunity to appear on Nationally Televised events.

Women’s Tournament of Champions

New this season, all ACL Pro women are eligible to compete in designated women’s events at ACL National and Pro Shootout Events. These events are in addition to the existing Pro Singles and Pro Doubles tournaments and will have a guaranteed prize pool for both Women’s Singles and Women’s Doubles.

Each ACL National event will feature a Pro Women’s Doubles tournament and each ACL Pro Shootout event will feature a Pro Women’s Singles tournament. The winners of each of these tournaments will qualify for the Women’s Tournament of Champions at the 2024 ACL World Championships. Once a player or team wins one of the qualifying events for the Women’s Tournament of Champions, then they are ineligible to compete in the other qualifying events.

Winning in Women’s Singles will not make someone ineligible for future competition in Women’s Doubles, just Women’s Singles.


Once you earn your ACL Pro spot you are required to pay entry fees for the season up front, totaling $1,000 per player, which is highly recommended (but not required) to be paid by a sponsoring business or organization. Players who qualify for the 2023-2024 ACL Pro Divisions via the ACL Pro Qualifier can apply a $100 credit towards their entry fees. ACL Pros will sign a contract with the ACL. This will include certain restrictions and expectations. It is not a player representation contract. ACL Pros may obtain their own independent agents or represent themselves in business matters.

ACL Pros are expected to actively promote the ACL and the sport.

Officially licensed ACL Pro jerseys may be purchased directly through the ACL, or another officially licensed ACL distributor. Purchasing of these jerseys is not required. In the event of an ACL Pro reaching a nationally televised game and does not have an ACL Pro jersey, they will be provided a generic ACL Pro jersey.

ACL Pros are expected to play in only ACL points events or approved special events, no other nationally organized Cornhole association tournaments are permitted.

ACL Pros are expected to honor agreements with any sponsors.

ACL Pros are held to the highest standards found in the ACL Player Code of Conduct.

ACL Pros will no longer be permitted to participate in Competitive, Intermediate, or Novice division tournaments at ACL World Championships. For Open, Conference, Regional, and Local events, ACL Pros are required to compete in the Advanced or Open division

ACL Pros are expected to maintain a positive social media presence that facilitates the growth of the game.

ACL Pros are expected to attend and be seated for all ESPN and CBS Telecasts when attending events and seats are available.

ACL Pros are required to use officially licensed ACL Pro bags in all ACL Singles and Doubles tournaments (not required for Blind Draws).

Check the full ACL Schedule of events here

This is the information we have about ACL pro spots and it comes directly from the ACL. For more info, visit their website directly and be sure to tell them, you heard about it on Cornhole Addicts. This is subject to change and if it does, we will make the appropriate changes here.

How do you qualify and earn an ACL Pro spot?

Read the article above, it explains everything you need to know to earn an ACL Pro spot

How much is the prize money for the ACL Championship?

Prize money varies each year. For 2024, the 256 ACL pro players are playing for $1 Million Dollars total over the entire season.

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