Write For Us – Guest Bloggers Wanted

WE ONLY ACCEPT CORNHOLE RELATED POSTS! In order to provide the best information for our audience, we feel it is best to get input from many different people in the cornhole world. So we would like to offer guest bloggers the opportunity to submit an article. But, we have to maintain certain rules for accepting the guest blog.

Well written content is needed from Guest Bloggers.

Here is what we consider “well written”:

  • As a Guest Blogger, your content needs to be a minimum of 600 words.
  • The content must be detailed and unique.
  • Supply us with a keyword/phrase that the content is written around
  • Use some subheadings, similar to the way this page is written.
  • Make sure you believe in the post because if you don’t, your readers won’t.
  • The content has to fit in with our blog theme.
  • Link build might be one reason for blogging, but it should not be sole purpose.

We are picky about guest blogger content

A guest bloggers content needs to be great and original! We have set strict standards from day one. Please be sure to check our page and see the articles we already have. Please do not send us anything that contradicts or duplicates any of the already written articles, they will not get posted. We are seeking fresh, new content. Everything to Feed Your Addiction!

Just some examples of things we are looking for are articles that talk about how to play cornhole, offer tips and techniques of the game, you can break down some cornhole strategy like when to block, airmail or slide. If you like to write and want to do an article but are unsure as to what to write about, reach out and lets brainstorm together.

After we publish the article

After publishing the content, author’s do not have any permission to unpublished it, but can make a request. If you want to remove a published blog, you can make a request, but based on you reason, we make a decision which will be final.

What we expect from the author?

  1. Authors need to help build and support our cornhole community.
  2. We need 2 images to go with your article. 1 featured image used as the main and 1 image that ties into the middle of the article.
  3. You can link to external sources but we will not accept links to external products that you sell.

What you should expect from us ?

  1. If needed, we will adjust your article and title for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes.
  2. We will can adjustments to your content if it contains spelling and grammar error.
  3. If we need to make a significant improvements, we will let you know.
  4. Mostly, we always try our best to publishing content which matches our polices. In the case of decline, we suggest you make reasonable significant changes for reconsideration.
  5. Base on the volume of guest blogging request, we might or might not email about our decision. We always try our best to reply to every single one.
  6. Content with too many misleading links will be declined.
  7. We will give you full credit for any article used on our site

What should be included in an email for a guest post?

  1. A good length content article with a minimum of 600 words.
  2. 2 images for the blog. 1 Featured and 1 for article [With source if not yours.]
  3. A short bio about the author/guest blogger. Not more than 200 characters. (unless you are registered on our site)

Details on where to send an email?
Since I do not want to post my email address online (for phishing/spam purposes) send us a message on our contact form.

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