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best method to break in new bags

Best method to break in new bags, fast!

There has been a great discussion in the cornhole community on the best method to break in new bags. We have all been there where new bags come in and we want to get them into competition condition as soon as possible! We are going to look at the most popular methods and discuss why bag break-in serums are the best way to achieve the results you are looking for! Almost half the bags on the market today are stiff out of the box and need some way get them loose and ready to go.

Bag Break-in Serums vs “Just Throw Them”

So, you get home from work and you are pumped because the bags you ordered finally came in!!! Now what? Many bags today come ready to throw with minimal break in period but there are still some, such as most carpet bags, that need the fabrics loosened before they can play optimal.

Throwing your bags is by far, the BEST method to break in new bags but, it also takes the longest! Most people are impatient and want their bags ready to go NOW, rather than letting them break in naturally. So, if we are comparing a serum vs throwing them, well….

Winner: Just Throw Them!

Bag Break-in Serums vs Boiling

I will admit that when I first saw that people were putting their new bags in a big pot and boiling them, I said to myself “Oh, that can’t be good!”. Turns out, I was right. It is not good for your bags at all and here is why we say that. Have you ever shrunk clothes in the dryer or had the colors fade from using the wrong temperature water when washing them? I do it all the time! Well, it just so happens that when you boil your bags, hot water can cause bright colors to run and fade. And, it can shrink certain types of fabric. Hot water can also damage certain synthetic fabrics.

The heat breaks down the fibers and can ruin the fabric. So, by boiling your bags, you are actually doing more harm than good. And when they bust open, lets see if the manufacturer replaces them when they see your boiling post on Facebook. I do not think that boiling is the best method to break in new bags due to the damage you could be doing to them.

Boiling bags will void the warranty with most bag manufactures such as BG, Ultra and others

With a Bag Break-in Serum, you are not subjecting your bags to high heat. You will notice in the instructions for the bag serum product, after applying it they recommend to soak the bags in cold water for a couple hours before drying with low heat or air dry. Therefore, your bags keep their color and you are not breaking down the fibers at an accelerated rate, again giving your bags a longer life.

Winner: Bag Serum

Bag Break-in Serum vs Washing and Drying with Fabric Softener

Though both processes are relatively the same, there is one major difference between the two. Using fabric softener can leave a film on your bags. I have felt it myself. If you were to hold a bag that had fabric softener used on it and then hold another set of the same bags that did not, you can feel a difference. Bag Serum is a specially formulated serum that does not leave a film or residue on your bags.

I have a set of blue Reynolds Pro Advantage that are a year old and have been thrown I cannot tell you how many times. I never used any fabric softener on them. When I received my new black Reynolds Pro Advantages that had been treated with a Bag Break-in Serum, the texture of the materials felt the same as the others! We all know that the feel of the bag in your hand is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a bag that is right for you, so why would you want to sacrifice that feel?

Winner: Bag Serum

Bag Break-in Serum vs Hair Conditioner

We have also seen talk about hair conditioner. Hair conditioner works by coating the hair to trap moisture and reduce friction. It uses waxes, silicones, and polymers much like fabric softener. Most Bag Break-in Serums are made from organic plant based ingredients.

Winner: Bag Serum

Bag Break-in Serum vs Vinegar

One of the newest methods discussed amongst players is to soak your bags in vinegar. I have done this process myself numerous times and find it works just as good, if not better than any bag serum out there! Distilled Vinegar is very good at softening fabric. In fact, many people including myself use it instead of fabric softener when washing clothes. In the long run, a vinegar soak might prove to be the most comparable method to bag serums.

Winner: Tie

Vinegar Soak to break in bags

Real Results from Bag Break-in Serum!!

Bag Serum is the best method to break in new bags!!

What is the best method to break in new bags? We feel using an all natural bag serum is the best way to go. The bag serum we recommend is made by Bag Magic and it is all natural, containing no dye, fragrance, smell, or residue! It’s sold in 4oz bottles that will treat an average of 20 cornhole bags! Pick some up today and see for yourself

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