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Win a 22/23 Pro Sponsorship

Win a Pro Sponsorship Contest

With the ACL Pro qualifier right around the corner there are hundreds of players anxious to compete for their chance at being one of the 22/23 ACL Pros. How would you like to start off your Pro career with a sponsorship from Cornhole Addicts?

Final list of entries for the 2022/23 Sponsorship Contest

Just a reminder, only 1 person can win this contest and you must do the following:

  • Wear a Cornhole Addicts Jersey during the ENTIRE Pro Qualifier, start to finish! (we will have plenty of eyes in the room)
  • Finish in one of the top 32 spots.
  • Finish higher than all the other entrants. We will use the ACL listing to determine the higher seed therefore eliminating the chance of a tie.
  • Joshua Slocum
  • Brady Foster
  • Caleb Beltran
  • Austin Kipple
  • Daric Collins Jr
  • Byron Sisson
  • Stuart Baird
  • Lamar Ploppert
  • Devin Workman
  • Ed Ramirez
  • Shelley Gutowski

Win a $1,000 Pro Sponsorship Contest!!

Here is what you have to do to be entered:
1. Fill out this form before July 21th at 8pm EST!
2. Post a picture of yourself on Facebook wearing your jersey the morning of the Pro Qualifier and tag #cornholeaddicts
3. Wear a Cornhole Addicts Jersey during the entire Pro Qualifier, start to finish – Click here to purchase
4. Finish in one of the top 32 spots.
5. Finish higher than all the other entrants!
The 1 player/entrant that finishes in the highest place wearing our jersey can win this $1,000* sponsorship contest for the 22/23 season.

If you already have a Cornhole Addicts Jersey, you are good but if not, grab one today!
The deadline to get a personalized jersey in time is July 13th
The deadline to get a non-personalized jersey in time is July 21st.
Contest entries will close on July 21th at 8pm EST!

Please do not wait until the last minute! We only have select sizes/colors of the non-personalized jerseys available. If you wait and do not get a jersey, you will be disqualified from the contest. This is a great opportunity and we are not asking much!

Cornhole Addicts likes to see fresh faces so we are offering this sponsorship contest to new Pro Qualifier participants only, not returning Pros.

Last Year’s 21/22 Sponsorship Contest WINNER….
Nico Mireles

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