Zuca Rolling Bags

Zuca Rolling Cornhole Bag Carriers

Zuca rolling bags are here! If you have been to any tournaments lately you may have seen some people wheeling a cart behind them and thought it was a piece of luggage or maybe you saw them sitting on it in between rounds and wondered what they are. These are Zuca rolling bags and they are taking over the cornhole world!

While these bags are not new, disc golf players have been using these bags for sometime now, they are new in the cornhole scene. So, what’s a Zuca Rolling Bag? They are multi-functional carts designed to hold and organize cornhole bags as well as all of your other equipment and gear that you need to get from tournament to tournament. The carts are currently available in two cornhole specific models but they come in many different styles for all types of sports. What makes the cornhole versions different is the special velcro front insert (pictured below) which will be perfect for all your patches. The velcro fronts are not yet available, expected sometime in August.

Zuca Rolling Bags, Sport and Pro

The two Zuca rolling bag cornhole models are the Cornhole Sport and Cornhole Pro. There are a couple of obvious visual differences between the 2 carts but one of the main differences is that the Pro cart is TSA approved. Meaning it can be used as a carry-on while traveling, which is important to many professional cornhole players. One of the other differences between the Sport and Pro is size, as seen below. The Sport can hold 5-6 pouches while the Pro will hold 6-8 pouches.

We had a chance to check out the Cornhole Sport and wanted to show you what the buzz is all about. For starters, lets talk about the seat. This seat/cart frame is designed to hold up to 300 lbs and while it is not very comfortable sitting on a steel seat, you can get the optional seat cushion to help with that. You will also notice it has a nice telescoping handle to give enough distance behind you when pulling the cart.

One accessory for your Zuca Rolling Bag that we want to show you and discuss, pictured below, is the Saddle Bags. The saddle bags are a great, easy way to add extra storage to your cart and they come their own seat cushion, so no need to purchase that separately. The bag on the left, in picture, is a perfect place to keep your “go-to” bags that you are throwing that day. It also has extra pockets to keep easy to reach items like your cellphone. The saddle bag on the right, in picture, is insulated and will hold a 6-pack of your favorite beverage and or your lunch for the day.

Zuca rolling bag cornhole sport
Zuca Cornhole Sport

We are proud to announce, at the time of writing this blog, we are the only official reseller of the Zuca Rolling Bags. We understand more resellers will want to get onboard selling these awesome carts but no one can take away the fact that we were the first.

Purchase your Zuca cart from us and it will include 2 pouches Free! Below are the carts and the accessories available. Once the Velcro Front insert becomes available we will have them! If you purchased a cart from us and would like to get the velcro insert at a discounted rate, shoot us an email.

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