2020 ACL World Championships

2020 ACL World Championships Results

Here are some of the results of the 2020 ACL World Championships. We will update the results as they come in. For more results, check the brackets below

2020 Pro World Champions

Pro Singles –
Pro Doubles – Trey Burchfield and Derrick King
Pro Crew Cup – Isidro Herrera, Devon Harbaugh, Brandon Corwin, Ryan Windsor
Pro Blind Draw –

2020 Advanced World Champions

Advanced Singles – Erick Davis
Advanced Doubles – Jordan Langworthy and Tanner Halbert
Advanced Crew Cup – Tony Smith, Bryson Jacobs, Allison Peters, Haseeb Habiban
Advanced Blind Draw – Ronnie Hileman and Shawn Markov

2020 Competitive World Champions

Competitive Singles – Ryan Maciejewski
Competitive Doubles – Carol Wozniak and Dave Wozniak
Competitive Crew Cup – Scott Furr, Kevin Leonard, Dewey Smith, Mike Ward
Competitive Blind Draw – Juan Nieto and John Smith

2020 Intermediate World Champions

Intermediate Singles – Moses Zazueta
Intermediate Doubles – James Osborne and Dakotah Nieto
Intermediate Crew Cup – Justin French, Greg Hale, Mark Stephenson, Jeffrey Coates
Intermediate Blind Draw – Blake Knierman and Robert Martini

2020 Women’s World Champions

Women’s Singles – Sarah Cassidy
Women’s Doubles –

2020 Co-Ed Mixed Doubles World Champions

Co-Ed Mixed Doubles – Samantha Finley and Derrick King

2020 Seniors World Champions

70+ Senior Singles – Rick Stull
Senior Doubles – Philip Haydon/Daymon Dennis
Seniors’ Seniors – Daymon Dennis

2020 Man & Woman of the Year

Woman of the Year – Maya Cupp
Man of the Year – Jamie Graham

2020 World Cup World Champions

WCO World Cup – Carolina Conference

2020 Director Blind Draw World Champions

Director Blind Draw – Cheyenne Renner and Dave Morse

2021 New ACL Pro Players

Matt Guy
Tony Smith
Bret Guy
Brian Knupp
Nate Stevens
Duncan Clemmer
Erick Davis
Kevin Allen
Kaleb Batson
Jordan Power
Nick Anderson
Logan Virgilio
Mike Harvey
Justin Doss
Jacob Beamer
Tom Gustafson
Dillon Turpin
Keith Perry
Eian Cripps
Ricardo Gonzales
Steven Bernacet
Chad Webb
Taelon Harris
Jim Glasscock
Reuben Snyder
Bobby Hodges
DJ Powell
Eric Tscherne
Tom Walter
Ernest Herrera
Peter Zazueta
Rudy Ai
Taylor Mustian
Jerry Roberts

2020 ACL World Championship Brackets

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