ACL Approved Bag List

ACL Approved bag list for 22/23 season

The ACL Approved bag list for the 2022/23 season is officially out!! The ACL sets the equipment standards for cornhole. The ACL Bring Your Own Bags (BYOB)™ policy provides guidelines for bag manufacturers and players to make and use equipment that is deemed appropriate for tournament play. Bags that have an ACL Pro and ACL Comp designation are suitable for competitive play.

The ACL Approved Bag List for the 2022/23 season

AAR Cornhole
Bag Types:  Blitz (PRO) ,  Sneakygood (PRO) ,  Ricochet (PRO) ,  Gametime (PRO) ,  Slicky Sticky (COMP) ,  

Alien Cornhole
Bag Types:  UFOs (PRO) ,  Invaders (PRO) ,  Abductors (PRO) ,  Moon Rocks (COMP)

Bag Types:  GameChanger (PRO) (Grandfathered),  All-Slides (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Slide-Rite (PRO) (Grandfathered),  All-Slides 2.0 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  GameChanger Trifecta (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Gamechanger Steady 2.0 (PRO) (Grandfathered), Shag Attack (PRO) ,  Magic Dots (PRO) ,  Carpet 1 (PRO) ,  Carpet 2 (PRO) ,  Energy Pouring Crow (PRO)

AlphaBags Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Trooper (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Spitfire (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Jackal (PRO) (Grandfathered),  King Alpha (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Howler (PRO) , 

BG Cornhole
Bag Types:  Dark Slide 2.0 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Assassin (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Viking (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Wizard (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Mercenary (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Warlock (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Shapeshifter (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Samurai (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Action (PRO) ,  Reaction (PRO) ,  Witcher (PRO) ,  Sorcerer (PRO) ,  

Big Daddy Cornhole
Bag Types:  Karnage (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Ruckus (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Rival (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Vendetta (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Quake (REC) (Grandfathered),  Tsuanmi (REC) (Grandfathered),  Schmack Ems (REC) (Grandfathered),  Lucifer (PRO) ,  Lights Out (REC) ,  

Black Flag Cornhole
Bag Types:  Bounty (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Booty (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Dagger (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Jolly Roger (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Hornswaggle (PRO) (Grandfathered), Black Pearl (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Heist (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Mutiny (PRO) ,  Piracy (COMP) ,  Ahoy (COMP) ,  

Black Sheep Baggers
Bag Types:
  Blackwater (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Costello (PRO) (Grandfathered),  The OG (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Vandalize (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Redrum (PRO) ,  

Brotherhood Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Mach 3 (COMP) ,  Steel Rain (COMP) , Hero (COMP) ,  

Buffalo Boards
Bag Types:
  Ambush (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Dead Head (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Conflict X (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Fallout X (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Fury (PRO) ,  Grind (PRO) ,  Hype (PRO) ,  Instinct (PRO) ,  Krush (PRO) ,  Nomad (PRO) ,  Splash (PRO) ,  

Chicali Boards
Bag Types:
  Rattler (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Calafia (PRO) (Grandfathered), Aztlan 2.0 (COMP) ,  Baja 2.0 (COMP) ,  En Fuego (COMP) ,  Mayan (COMP) ,  Sicario (COMP) ,  

Cornhole Coastal
Bag Types:
  Shellshock (COMP) ,  Boardwalker (PRO) ,  Swardsman (PRO) ,  Smashmouth (PRO) ,  Skystrike (PRO) ,  

Cornhole Scenario
Bag Types:
  Cat 3 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Cat 4 (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Cat 2X (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Cat 3X (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Cat 4X (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Iced-PGL (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Sabotage (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Panther (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Liger (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Cashmere (PRO) ,  

Bag Types:
  RNA (PRO) (Grandfathered),  G-Nome C (COMP) , Inferno C (COMP) ,  Double Draggin’ C (COMP) ,  IGNITOR (PRO) ,  Nexus (COMP) ,  Dirty Draggin’ (PRO) ,  Bagology (PRO) ,  

Feist Bags and Boards
Bag Types:
  Sassy (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Feisty (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Slinger (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Aftermath (PRO) (Grandfathered),  HUSTLER (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Succubus (PRO) ,  

Fire Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Starter (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Control (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Blaze (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Accelerator (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Assault (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Heat (PRO) ,  Ember (PRO) ,  Torch (PRO) ,  Incinerator (PRO) ,  Vengeance (PRO) ,  11.5 (PRO) ,  

FLY Cornhole
Bag Types:  Banshee (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Surge (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Magic (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Torque (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Karma (COMP) ,  Nemesis (COMP) ,  Strix (PRO) ,  

Bag Types:  KING CHEETAH PRO VIII (PRO) (Grandfathered),  DAGGER PRO VIII (PRO) (Grandfathered),  TRIDENT PRO VIII (PRO) (Grandfathered),  MAXIMUS PRO VIII (PRO) (Grandfathered),  EQUALIZER PRO VIII (PRO) (Grandfathered),  EMPIRE PRO BB-1 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  MAYHEM PRO BB-1 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  BATTLE CHEETH PRO BB-1 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  BRAWLER PRO BB-2 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  ANNIHILATOR PRO BB-1 (PRO) ,  HELLCAT PRO BB-2 (PRO) ,  PREDATOR PRO V2 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  

Gnarly Bags
Bag Types:  Knockout (COMP) ,  Namesake (COMP) ,  Vanish (COMP) ,  Vulcan (COMP) ,  Vulcan X (COMP) ,  Void (COMP) ,  

Gray Fin Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Hammerhead (COMP) ,  Breach (COMP) ,  

Bag Types:
  357 Gen3 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Cannon (PRO) (Grandfathered),  P90 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Napalm (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Katana (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Sicario (PRO) (Grandfathered),  MP5 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Phantom (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Uzi (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Skorpion (PRO) (Grandfathered),  007 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Javelin (PRO) (Grandfathered),  AR15 (PRO) ,  M134 V2 (PRO) ,  AK47 (PRO) ,  

Kontraband Athletics
Bag Types:
  Kombat (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Kutt-Throat (PRO) (Grandfathered),  KO (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Konvict (PRO) ,  

Laguna Cornhole Co
Bag Types:
  Bruiser (COMP) ,  Slugger (COMP) ,  Enforcer (COMP) ,  Swarmer (COMP) ,  

Local Bags
Bag Types:
  Mamba (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Mamba S (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Slip Ns (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Outlaws (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Cougar (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Demon (PRO) (Grandfathered),  450 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Legend (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Regulator (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Champion (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Challenger (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Hustler X (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Rebel (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Warrior (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Hero (PRO) ,  Bandit (REC) ,  Gator (REC) ,  

Low Life Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Scythe (PRO) ,  Loki (PRO) ,  Scum (PRO) ,  Inmate (PRO) ,  Miscreant (PRO) ,  Sickle (COMP) ,  

Bag Types:
  Snipers (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Pro Snipers (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Shamrocks (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Sure Fire (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Flex (PRO) ,  Odoyles (PRO) ,  Celtic (PRO) ,  

Bag Types:
  Boss Bags (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Double Slick (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Sword & Shield Pro (PRO) ,  Magma (PRO) ,  Gecko (PRO) ,  

MN Tailgate
Bag Types:
  Blaze (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Vector (COMP) (Grandfathered), Omega (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Nova (PRO) ,  Gamma (COMP) ,  Dual Sided Bags (REC) ,  Flash (COMP) ,  Glitch (COMP) ,  Sigma (COMP) ,  Standard Bags (REC) (Grandfathered),  

Mutha Shuckers
Bag Types:
  313 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  517 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  248 (COMP) (Grandfathered),  911 (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Nightmare (PRO) ,  586 (PRO) ,  989 (PRO) ,  

Myjestix Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Illusion (COMP) ,  Dude Man (COMP) ,  Ghost (COMP) ,  Fuel (COMP) ,  Shatter (COMP) ,  Diamond (COMP) ,  Fusion (COMP) ,  Revolt (COMP) ,  Smiliez (COMP) ,  

Name Brand Bag CO
Bag Types:
  Savage (COMP) ,  Zombies (COMP) ,  Frags (COMP) ,  Bushi (COMP) ,  Kings (COMP) ,  

Ninja Bagz
Bag Types:

Noble Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Zenith (PRO) ,  Melt (PRO) ,  Jinx (PRO) ,  Mockery (PRO) ,  

Bag Types:
  Hurricane Category 2 (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Hurricane Category 3 (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Hurricane Category 4 (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Hurricane Category 5 (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Voodoo (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Gator (PRO) ,  Mud Bug (PRO) ,  Rougaroux (PRO) ,  Swamp Water (PRO) ,  Jester (PRO) ,  

Notorious BAGs
Bag Types:
  Flow (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Pulse (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Rhythm (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Vibe (COMP) ,  VibeS (COMP) , 

Oktane Cornhole Gear
Bag Types:
  Nitro (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Apex (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Turbo (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Boosted (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Hole Shot (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Clutch (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Kinetik (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Apex SS (PRO) ,  Energy (PRO) ,  Ignition (PRO) ,  Turbo SS (PRO) ,  Spark (PRO) ,  Crank (PRO) , 

Razor Bags
Bag Types:
  War Pig (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Spear (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Rain (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Rampage (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Boss Hog (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Alpha (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Blade (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Mohawk (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Tusk (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Butcher (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Podium (PRO) ,  Knuckle (PRO) ,  Bone (PRO) ,  10X (PRO) ,  

Reynolds Bags
Bag Types:
  Pro Advantage (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Pro X (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Victory (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Pro Touch (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Pro A-V (PRO) (Grandfathered), Carpet Bag (PRO) ,  Typhoon (PRO) ,  Thunder (PRO) ,  Cyclone (PRO) ,  Hurricane (PRO) ,  Fracture (PRO) ,  Aftermath (PRO) ,  Renegade (PRO) ,  

SEVA Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Serpent (PRO) ,  Marksman (PRO) ,  Siege (PRO) ,  Hypernova (PRO) ,  Guillotine 2.0 (PRO) ,  Penetrator (PRO) ,  Dark Horse (PRO) ,  

Sling Shot Cornhole
Bag Types:
  SS-1 (COMP) (Grandfathered),  SS-2 (COMP) ,  SS-3 (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Executioner (COMP) ,  Punisher (COMP) ,  Snappy (COMP) ,  Ridin’ Dirty (COMP) ,  Drip (COMP) ,  

Standard Bag Co
Bag Types:
  Baxe (COMP) ,  Gambler (COMP) ,  Jawn (COMP) ,  Primal (COMP) ,  

Steel City Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Stealth Series (COMP) (Grandfathered),  

Strive Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Caiman C (COMP) , Mufasa (COMP) ,  Anaconda (COMP) ,  Kong (COMP) , Puma (COMP) ,  Piranha (COMP) ,  Dolphin (COMP) ,  Tarantula (COMP) ,  Chameleon (COMP) ,  Macaw (COMP) ,  

Stuff Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Soaking (COMP) ,  Vision (COMP) ,  Sky’ote (COMP) ,  Aer (COMP) ,  

Sureshot Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Diablo (PRO) ,  Loco (PRO) ,  Raid (PRO) ,  Destroyer (PRO) ,  Striker (PRO) ,  Kryptonite (COMP) ,  Immortal (PRO) ,  

T & T Cornhole Boards
Bag Types:
  Executioner (COMP) ,  Impulse (COMP) ,  Space Monkey (COMP) ,  High Roller (COMP) ,  

Titan Bags
Bag Types:
  Devastator (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Stampede 2.0 (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Scavenger (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Dozer (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Jekyll & Slyde 4.0 (COMP) (Grandfathered),  Ravager Fury (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Prowler (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Venom (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Nightmare (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Swarm (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Thrasher (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Tyrant (PRO) ,  Man-O-War (PRO) ,  Killer (PRO) ,  

TossTek Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Impulse (COMP) ,  Silencer (PRO) ,  Commander (PRO) ,  Velocity (PRO) ,  Savage (PRO) ,  

Tribal Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Turtle (COMP) ,  Stingray (COMP) ,  

Ultra Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Viper (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Widow (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Viper-C (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Butter (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Psycho (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Widow-B (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Viper-B (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Widow-X (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Psycho-X (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Viper-R (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Widow-R (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Vapor-R (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Mojo (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Psycho-R (PRO) (Grandfathered),  

Vortex Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Shelter (PRO) ,  ZONE (PRO) ,  Storm 2.0 (PRO) ,  Radar (PRO) ,  

WTF Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Whiskey (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Tango (PRO) (Grandfathered),  X-Ray (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Delta (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Bravo (PRO) ,  Sierra (PRO) (Grandfathered), Lima (PRO) ,  Zulu (COMP) ,  

Young Guns Cornhole
Bag Types:
  Phenom (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Menace (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Hooligans (PRO) (Grandfathered),  Prodigy (COMP) ,  Sinners (COMP) , 


Each level of ACL stamped bag share the same basic parameters for each of the three stamp levels.


  • Bags should measure 6″ x 6″ when laid flat.
  • Accepted tolerance is 5.75″ – 6.25″.
  • Bags over or under accepted tolerance will not pass inspection.


  • Bags should weigh 16 ounces.
  • Accepted tolerance is 15.5 ounces – 16.25 ounce.
  • Bags over or under accepted tolerance will not pass inspection.


  • Bags should measure 1.35″.
  • Accepted tolerance is 1.125″ to 1.5″.
  • Bags under or over accepted tolerance will not pass inspection.

Bags listed above on the ACL Approved bag list with the Pro or Comp stamp are for use in competitive gameplay. Every year, the acl approved bag list will change based on what manufacturers decide to stay, leave or come in to partner with the acl. We sell professional cornhole bags and the best ACL Approved bags so be sure to check out our store

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