ACL bag policy

ACL Bag Policy

The ACL Bag Policy and the BYOB – BRING YOUR OWN BAGS™ LIST sets the standard for cornhole competitions that allow for players to bring their own bags. Players playing in ACL Points Events or in events from other organizations that have licensed the ACL BYOB – BRING YOUR OWN BAGS™ policy, must play with bags on the current season ACL Approved BYOB Bags List.

Any organization is able to obtain a free license for legal use and to implement the policy by submitting a ticket on the website.

All approved bags on the ACL Bag Policy list are required to be properly licensed from the ACL. Approved bags will display the appropriate ACL Equipment Level (ACL PRO, ACL COMP or ACL REC) along with the Bag Manufacturer or Bag Brand Name with the Series Name. To be eligible for use in an ACL points event, the ACL PRO or ACL COMP level bag must be on the list.

Players are responsible and accountable for their bags remaining within spec at all times, regardless of wear and tear. The ACL Bag Policy is mandatory for ALL ACL Points events for the entire season. ACL Directors and other licensees may implement a different policy for non ACL points events, ACL Special Events or licensee events if advanced approval is granted from the ACL and promoted to the public properly.

Approved bag series from the previous season (2020-2021) list that are not going to be on the current ACL BYOB Bag List, will be grandfathered for the first half of the current season and removed at the first of the year.

Bag Manufacturers will begin placing the appropriate marks on new bags once the Series has been successfully approved. The ACL will be doing Approvals for this season and adding to the list until July 1, 2021. ACL Pros will be required to use properly marked ACL Pro bags.

Manufacturers are required to stop the sale of 2020-2021 stamped bags July 31, 2021. Approved manufacturers can begin the sales of 2021-2022 stamped bags August 1, 2021.

Players have the option of inspecting opposing player’s bags prior to playing their match. A player may request to inspect and/or toss an opponent’s bag prior to a match. A player has the option of asking the Tournament Director to inspect the opponent’s bag prior to a match.

If the players do not agree on acceptable bags prior to a match, the Tournament Director will make the final decision on whether or not the bags are acceptable and may replace a player’s bags with approved tournament bags.

Once a match starts, the bags are deemed to be acceptable and the result of the match will stand regardless of proof in the future that the bags did not conform to the current policy. If a player’s bags are inspected and found to not meet the ACL Bag Policy parameters, the player is subject to disciplinary action.

Players that place in the prize money at ACL Events and other licensee events are subject to a bag inspection prior to collecting prize money. While the results of the event may not change, if a player violates the bag policy or has altered approved manufacturer bags in any manner, then that player will forfeit the prize money and be subject to additional disciplinary action. All decisions by the Tournament Director will be final, as per this ACL bag policy.

Players must throw matching bags of the same type (manufacturer and series name) and color (sticky sides match and slick sides match but both sides do not have to be all one color with the exception of broadcast court bags) Players will not be allowed to throw bags of different colors or types.

For example, a player throws 2 Brand A bags and 2 Brand B bags or a player throws 2 bags that are blue and 2 that are red. Mismatched bags will not be allowed in any ACL events as per the ACL bag policy.

Bags must be distinguishable between opponents. If it is a seeded event, the higher seed gets to choose initial bag color and the lower seed must play with a bag color that is distinguishable from that color. If it is an unseeded event, if player A wins the coin toss and chooses Orange Bags, then player B must play with a distinguishable color from Orange.

For non-broadcast matches, players may agree among themselves if their bags are distinguishable. For broadcast matches, players must submit their bag choices for distinguishable approval to the tournament director in advance of starting play.

For broadcast and non-broadcast matches, any dispute will be resolved by the Tournament Director. If the Tournament Director and players cannot reach an immediate resolution to a dispute, the Tournament Director will provide distinguishable bags to BOTH Players.

The official bag manufacturing tools are available to be purchased. New and improved measurement tools may become available during the season but will not be formally used for measurement until the following season.


● Length: Bags should measure 6″ x 6″ when laid flat – accepted tolerance is 5.75″ – 6.25″. Bags over or under accepted tolerance will not pass inspection.

● Weight: Bags should weigh 16 ounces – accepted tolerance is 15.5 ounces – 16.25 ounces. Bags over or under accepted tolerance will not pass inspection.

● Thickness: Bags should measure 1.25″ – accepted tolerance is 1.125″ to 1.5″. Bags under or over accepted tolerance will not pass inspection.

● Outside Material may be any fabric that does not damage or create residue on the board. A fabric can be woven, nonwoven, or knitted. A bag that damages a board in any way as caused by the material of the bag will automatically forfeit the player throwing that particular bag. If a bag is found to gradually leave a residue or marks on the board during gameplay, that player or team will forfeit the match.

● Inside Material may be anything that does not damage or create residue on the board. A bag that damages a board in any way as caused by the material of the bag will automatically forfeit the player throwing that particular bag. If a bag is found to gradually leave a residue or marks on the board during gameplay, that player or team will forfeit the match. .

● Rounded Corners: Bags may have rounded corners but cannot be rounded more than 0.5” on a 6” x “6 bag. A bag slightly less than 6” x 6” will require a rounded corner more than 0.5” to remain in spec because the max curve is measured from a 6” x 6” bag.

● Bag Manufacturers MUST be able to provide bags all of one color for players to purchase.

● Bags MUST have a clear visible ACL Equipment Level, manufacturer logo AND series name; Bags with faded or missing logos are not acceptable and will not pass inspection for players at events. Restamped bags are also not acceptable.

● Bags must NOT have loose threading of more than 1/8th of an inch from its seam. Loose threading can be grounds for bags not passing inspection.

● Alteration of Bags in any form will NOT be tolerated. An altered bag is any bag changed from its original state when purchased including stitching holes, making new seams, gluing, etc. Any bag that appears to be altered from its original state will not pass inspection and the player or bag manufacturer may be subject to further penalties.

● No foreign substances may be applied to the outside or inside of bags unless approved by the ACL.

ACL Broadcast Bags

ACL PRO level bags may be eligible for players to use on ACL Broadcasts and licensee broadcasts. ACL COMP and ACL REC level bags are not eligible for ACL Broadcasts or licensee broadcasts. Bags that are going to appear on an approved broadcast must meet additional specifications in order to maintain professionalism and simplicity for viewing audiences.
● Bags must have ONE primary color. The entire bag must be the same color with the only exceptions being: One (1) logo of an approved ACL sponsor (an approved sponsor should be one that does not promote any cornhole league or organization other than the ACL), One (1) logo of the bag manufacturer, the name of the bag series, and an optional player name.

Aside from the two logos, the player name, and the bag series name, the bag should be 100% the same color. Reasonable judgment will be used for bags where the two sides of the bag are a slight difference in shade due
to the dying process of certain materials. Gradients, color patterns, and general design work are ONLY acceptable if they cover 100% of the bag (aside from the logo) and maintain the clear visibility of the primary color.

A solid color side and a pattern color side that makes the primary color not clearly evident to the viewing audience will not be approved for use on any ACL broadcast..

● ACL Pro Bags must have at least two public options available that fit the guidelines above for that specific series. This does not mean that all bags with that series name are approved for broadcast use. Any bags may be denied at any time at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

ACL Approved Bag List

Click here for the full list of approved bags

As things are added or changed, we will update the ACL Bag Policy article to try to bring you all the correct information. ACL Website

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