Dickey Stiffler

I got introduced to the game in 2011 or so by my brother Chipper. With a competitive background in baseball and golf I thought this was an easy game. At that time Chipper was a top 50 player in the country per ACO rankings. I don’t believe I scored a point against him until 2015 and finally beat him in 2016. I reside in New Jersey, but grew up in Pennsylvania. I’m married with two kids and a cornhole addict. I own and run Dickey Stiffler Boards. I build out of my garage like most start ups. In 2016 a league formed 2 minutes from my house and I said yes I’m playing. Introduced myself as "Chipper’s brother" to all the league members and then said yeah I know him. Chipper was a board builder and gave it up (I don’t blame him) and then I choose to start building to fulfill all the questions of can I get a set of boards. I started building and supplying CNJ cornhole with boards for league and tournaments. From there I went on my own building and running events. I was a "good" player at one point, now I’m "good" at times. I am a Sales Rep for BG Boards and Graphics and as sarcastic as they come. I am addicted to cornhole.

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