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First Impressions of the Mutha Shuckers Bags

Let’s take a look at the Mutha Shuckers line of cornhole bags. Many bag companies offer different bag styles and names whereas Mutha Shuckers took a more simple approach and made each bag design the same and rather than fancy bag names, they went with numbers.

Mutha Shuckers Bags

They offer 8 different bags and the series consists of 248, 313, 734, 586, 810, 411 and 911. Each bag offers something different from the very sticky side of the 248 to a fast and faster side of the 313. All of the bag series are ACL Approved and some are even ESPN Approved.

First Thoughts

As mentioned, these bags have a very simple design but the colors are crisp and vibrant and the design is detailed. This same design can be seen on each bag series. You can tell them apart by the large numbers on the front of the bags which represent the bag series. So, right out of the box, nothing special here but sometimes simple is all you need.

Like many other bags on the market, the Shuckers throw nice right out of the box and require minimal break-in period. Which is nice because nowadays, who has time to break in bags?

Of all the bags we checked out, we noticed how well they were stitched. Flawless! All you see is a single stitch line on the top of the bag where it is filled. And when we tried to separate the material apart with our thumbs, we can see the attention to detail and quality that goes into each bag. The Mutha Shucker line of Cornhole Bags are very well made.

Size and weight of the bags

Mutha Shuckers weighed

Each bag has rounded corners and is comparable in size to a Slide-Rite bag. These bags feel great in the hand. They are not sloppy, like some other well known bags and hold shape when flying through the air. They land flat on the board with little to no kick. Depending on which series you prefer, Mutha Shuckers bags can give you the perfect blocker or slide right in the hole pushing everything in its way. All the bags in each series are weighted consistently to 16oz.

Final Thoughts

The Mutha Shuckers series of cornhole bags are a solid choice. With 8 different bags they are sure to have one or two that will fit and accent your playing style. These bags are used by many leagues and players around the globe. All the bags are ACL Approved and a couple are even Broadcast Approved.

While we are mainly focusing on their bag series, Mutha Shuckers also makes custom boards, runs leagues and tournaments and events. If you are in the Michigan area and seeking boards or double sided pro cornhole bags, be sure to check out the great products at Shuckers.

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