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Dubby Energy Drink

Dubby Energy Drink

New Dubby Energy Drink is perfect for cornhole players to help them focus and concentrate better with no crash! I personally love this energy drink. It tastes great, there are no jitters and no crash side-effect. Read more about it and be sure to use our code below and save 10% OFF your order!!

There are a lot of energy drinks on the market, from Red Bull to Monster to Rockstar to 5-Hour Energy and many many more. Most of those are loaded with sugar and although may give you some energy, are usually followed by jitters or the crash effect. Dubby is different because it doesn’t contain any calories, sugar, maltodextrin, fillers or artificial colors. Like the others, it does contain caffeine, which is shown to help concentration and focus, as well as vitamins and minerals to help give a boost of natural energy. But if you are looking for a better cheaper and clean energy drink option, this is the one to try!

I have always been a fan of the little 5-Hour Energy shots. They are small, give me a decent boost but at $2.25/bottle, it gets rather costly, but no different than stopping at Wawa everyday for a cup of coffee. When I found the Dubby lineup, I had to give it a shot. It gives me the boost I need to start my day off as well as better focus and concentrate during cornhole games. And, if I am traveling to play, I will bring an extra mixed up bottle with me for the ride home after a long, tired day of bags.

The way I prepare the product is to mix 1 heaping scoop with a 16oz bottle of water. I like it strong, like my coffee but you can play around with it to your liking. I truly am a fan of this stuff and would not promote a product that I wouldn’t use myself!

A Clean Energy Drink Option

Dubby Energy Drink ingredients

The makers of DUBBY decided that the market needed a better alternative – an energy drink that was affordable, contained the important vitamins and amino acids but had none of the bad ingredients and wasn’t loaded down with sugar. They even added a brain boosting nootropic to help players increase their focus and concentration at game time. this Energy Drink also includes essential vitamins like C, B3, B6, and B12 along with important amino acids, such as L-Tyrosine, L-Taurine, L-Glutamine, and L-Citrulline that are intended to benefit brain function. Plus, an all natural ingredient called NeuroFactor which helps enhance brain function. And finally, they added 150mg of caffeine in each serving.

DUBBY energy drink is not only great for cornhole players but also a great alternative for that daily cup of coffee. One tub of Dubby will cost $39.99 plus shipping (before discount) and contains 30 services which comes to around $1.33/serving, less than an 8oz cup of joe! And since there is no added sugars or maltodextrin, you will not get the jitters or crash that most other energy drink give you.

Dubby energy drink

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