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GameChanger Steady comparison

Comparison of GameChanger vs GameChanger Steady

With the release of the new GameChanger Steady cornhole bags, many people have been wondering what are the differences from the original GameChanger bags. They clearly look and feel different.

A lot of people are comparing their new GameChanger Steady bags to the GameChangers they’ve thrown for countless games. This article is more of a visual side-by-side comparison and not really about how they compare on the boards.

GameChanger bags thickness comparison

How the GameChanger Steady bags stack up

Each set of the GameChanger vs GameChanger Steady bags were stacked and then subjected to an 8 lb weight placed atop then removed for 10 cycles to allow the resin to settle into the corners. A level was placed across the top of the stack overhanging both edges, first side to side, and then top to bottom. Measurements were taken with digital calipers from the base surface to level as close to the bag’s edge as possible. The 4 measurements were average to get the height of the stack and then divided to get the average bag thickness. Here are our results:
GameChanger: 4.60” (1.15” / bag)
GameChanger Steady: 4.76” (1.18” / bag)

Bag size comparison

GameChanger bag size comparison

The outside dimensions are very hard to measure consistently and camera perspective creates controversy so I just centered one bag on a Fiskars cutting board and took a pic from over the center of the bag. The 6” square on the cutting board helps show the GameChanger Steady is slightly smaller than the original GameChanger cornhole bag. Approximately 1/8” in both directions.

The pictures show a noticeable difference in the corners of each bag. One of the biggest differences in these two bags is the new GameChanger Steady bag has rounded corners. Some people like bags with rounded corners and some don’t. We are not really going to get into which is better because just like the bags themselves, it is more of an opinion than fact.

The weigh in!

GameChanger bag weight

The scales were zeroed and calibrated, each set or 4 bags was weighed together and then divided by 4 to get the average weight per bag. The results of this were as follows:
GameChanger: 4 lbs 0.0 oz (16 oz / bag)
GameChanger Steady: 4 lbs 0.8 oz (16.2 oz / bag)

Final conclusion of the GameChanger vs GameChanger Steady

As you can see, these bags are quite different from the thickness, size, corners and weight. They both have different characteristics that, much like all the other bags on the market, will appeal to some and not to others. Thank goodness there are so many choices of bags with so many differences and we get the opportunity to pick the ones that best fit our playing style.

When comparing these bags for how they play, there are still questions that need to be answered. Will the Steady bags seek the hole and drop as easy as the original GC bags or will the rounded corners prevent this from happening? Will there ever be a bag that can truly compare to the original GameChanger?

This comparison was done by the guys over at Mitten Mafia Cornhole. Go check out and LIKE them on Facebook.

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