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First Impressions of Turn-N-Burn Bags

What is a First Impression about? It is exactly that, the first impressions of the person that gets the product. This is NOT a review of products. It’s more of a description of the characteristics to help you make the best decisions when purchasing.

First Impressions of the ACL Approved Turn-N-Burn Bags

Out of Box Thoughts of the Turn-n-Burn bags:

I wasn’t surprised by the design of my Turn-N-Burn Series bags, but that’s because I had designed them myself. With that being said, I was amazed at how rich the colors and design where. The colors were crisp and refreshing.

Overall appearance: 

The Turn-N-Burn Series offers rounded corners, a colored logo of the brand (including the Nature Coast Tailgating logo), and a stitching mark on the upper backside of the bag. I had designed these bags to reflect the colors of the Dallas Stars for my personal set of boards (pictured with this article).

How does it feel in your hand, soft/hard, thick/thin, loose/tight, heavy/light, etc

The Turn-N-Burn series offers a nice weight to it. The bag isn’t light or thin, but it’s not overwhelmingly heavy or thick. I would say these run right in the middle of the two categories, giving yourself the confidence that you’re throwing a solid bag. The Turn-N-Burn material is a blend of their Rifleman Series along with a Poly-Blend giving you a “Fast” and “Slightly Slower” side.

Size, feel and weight of bags: 

I would compare these to the Mutha Shuckers 586 in terms of size and feel. Each of the bags weighed a consistent 15.8 ounces and measured approx 6″x 6″ which is within the standard size and weight required.

Turn-N-Burn cornhole bag size

Turn-N-Burn Bag Performance Thoughts:

How does the bag play?

The Turn-N-Burn Series plays perfectly out of the box. This series will land flat on the board for players throwing with a “Sling Toss”. When I’m playing at my highest level I’m a block and push type of player. While the Run-N-Gun hit the board fast, you can still achieve this type of game by utilizing the different materials of the bag. Airmailing with the Turn-N-Burn isn’t an issue either. They have a great weight to them which provides you with the confidence for that bag drag and a bet that you can shock your opponent with a single shot.

How does the bag slide or stick, depending on side thrown?

If you’re looking to send your Turn-N-Burn with some speed, throw with the logo side down. If you’re looking for position play or for a little slower speed, throw the backside down. The Fast Side is measured at a Rating of 10, with the backside playing slower at a measured Rating of 7-8.

When I was throwing my Turn-N-Burn cornhole bags for the first time during this article, I played on a relatively nice day here in Texas. The conditions outside were sunny, but with moderate wind. I had no problem landing these bags on the boards, and for that matter, in the hole.

Final Thoughts of the Turn-N-Burn cornhole bags:

I have a lot of respect and admiration for Nature Coast Tailgating. Brandon Valenca is making a name for himself among ACL Approved bags. I’ve played with the Mutha Shuckers 911 and 248 previous to the Turn-N-Burn. For my style of play and execution, the Turn-N-Burn are the perfect choice for me.

I’m used to throwing our own NTX Cornhole dual-sided bags. They consist of duck canvas and suede. However, it’s rare that I throw with the suede side down past my first shot. That’s what I enjoy the most about the Turn-N-Burn Series by Nature Coast Tailgating. The material they’re made with allows me to block the hole, or make it in, because they play fast and straight. It’s a nice advantage to have over other players.

Brandon, an American Veteran, is knowledgeable about his product and the game. Nature Coast Tailgating has a quick turnaround time, excellent communication, and a wonderful product. Be sure to check out our full line of cornhole bags and follow us on FB

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