2022 World championship

2022 ACL World Championship

The 2022 ACL World Championships are right around the corner. As this season of cornhole comes to an end, it’s almost time to name the best players in the American Cornhole League and find out who will be your new 2023 ACL Pros!

The 2022 ACL World Championships will be July 29th – August 7th at the Rock Hill Sports and Events Center located at 326 Technology Center Way, Rock Hill, SC 29730. This event is open to the public. As winners get named, we will update them below

2021 ACL World Championship Results:

2022 ACL world championship

2022 ACL World Championship Brackets

2022 Pro World Champions

Pro Singles
Trey Burchfield (2021 Winner)
Pro Doubles
James Baldwin & Jordan Camba (2021 Winner)
Pro Crew Cup
Burchfield, Wooten, King and Sorrells (2021 Winner)
Pro Blind Draw
Eddie Grinderslev & Ryan Windsor (2021 Winner)

2022 Advanced World Champions

Advanced Singles
Alex Rawls (2021 Winner)
Advanced Doubles
Kaleb Hurt and Austin Schlobohm (2021 Winner)
Advanced Crew Cup
Team Kaleb Hurt (2021 Winner)
Advanced Blind Draw
Zach Gray & Sammy Soto (2022 Winner)
Jaime Sanchez & Dean Norton (2021 Winner)

2022 Competitive World Champions

Competitive Singles
Kody Clack (2022 Winner)
Maddie McBride (2021 Winner)
Competitive Doubles
Kevin Harwood & Chris Byers (2022 Winner)
Payton Lopez and Caleb Franklin (2021 Winner)
Competitive Crew Cup
Team Chuck Trentler (2021 Winner)
Competitive Blind Draw
John Rochette & Kelly Jenkins (2022 Winner)
Brandon Brown & Steve Derycke (2021 Winner)

2022 Intermediate World Champions

Intermediate Singles
Hunter Laney (2022 Winner)
Gage Seidel (2021 Winner)
Intermediate Doubles
Dylan Irvin & David Polk (2022 Winner)
Mark Stephenson and Greg Hale (2021 Winner)
Intermediate Crew Cup N/A
Team Melissa Bond (2021 Winner)
Intermediate Blind Draw
Lisa Kuper & Dylan Irvin (2022 Winner)
Brad Jones and Kemberly Jenkins (2021 Winner)

2022 Women’s World Champions

Women’s Singles
FINALISTS – Cheyenne Renner VS Connie Altice (2022 Winner)
Cheyenne Renner (2021 Winner)
Women’s Doubles
FINALISTS – Cheyenne Renner & Sarah Cassidy VS Debra Odum & Teghan Owens (2022 Winner)
Rosie Streker & Samantha Finley (2021 Winner)

2022 Co-Ed Mixed Doubles World Champions

Co-Ed Mixed Doubles
FINALISTS – Daniela Luna & Mark Richards VS Trey Burchfield & Sarah Cassidy (2022 Winner)
Tony Smith/Isabella Surprenant (2021 Winner)

2022 Seniors World Champions

70+ Senior Singles – N/A
Gerald Gray (2021 Winner)
Senior Doubles
FINALISTS – Philip Haydon & Daymon Dennis VS Tom Walter & Steve Schroeder (2022 Winner)
Philip Haydon & Daymon Dennis (2021 Winner)
Senior Singles
FINALISTS – Daymon Dennis VS Jimmy McGuffin (2022 Winner)
Bill Hadley (2021 Winner)

2022 Man & Woman of the Year

Woman of the Year
Cheyenne Renner (2021 Winner)
Man of the Year
Trey Burchfield (2021 Winner)

2022 World Cup World Champions

WCO World Cup –
Mid South Conference (2021 Winner)

2022 ACL Director Blind Draw Champions

Connor Weiss & Joe Webb (2022 Winner)
Dusty Thompson & David Searle (2021 Winner)

2022 Stevie Award Winners

Mark Richards (2022 Winner)
Daymon Dennis (2021 Winner)
ACL Breakout Player of the Year
Tony Smith (2022 Winner)
Mike Ferreira (2021 Winner)
ACL Rookie of the Year
Mark Richards (2022 Winner)
Matt Guy (2021 Winner)
ACL Conference Director of the Year
Ashley Kearns (2022 Winner)
Joe Harsh (2021 Winner)
ACL Regional Director of the Year
Chad Smith (2022 Winner)
Chad Smith (2021 Winner)
ACL Local Director of the Year
Eric Ryder (2022 Winner)
Carrie Shilale (2021 Winner)
ACL International Director of the Year
Sean Sabean & Amber Rogers (2022 Winner)
Sean Sabean (2021 Winner)
ACL Bag Tracker Award
Ashley Kearns (2022 Winner)
Dave Shaffer (2021 Winner)
ACL Iron Man Award
Chris Tornatola (2022 Winner)
Chris Tornatola (2021 Winner)
ACL Pro Leadership Award
Daymon Dennis (2022 Winner)
Seto Soto (2021 Winner)
ACL Commissioner X Factor Awards
Sean Szarkowicz, Madan Divaker, Bernie Nabors, Mike Kean, Dave Weiser, Todd Kisicki, Christine Papcke, Allan Rockwell (2021 Winner)
ACL Top Amateur Award
Ryan Wiedenfeld (2022 Winner)
Alex Hicks (2021 Winner)


Qualified ACL Pros (not in order of standings):

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