Chaos Series Bags first impressions

First Impressions of The Chaos Series Bags

We got our hands on the Chaos series bags from 724 Bagger Co. and decided to do our first impressions review. Upon receiving these bags and feeling them in my hands, it was time to get down to the nitty gritty and start throwing them and get feedback from some other players as well. Before I go into how they play, I want to take the time to describe the build and feel of these bags. 

Chaos Series Bag Breakdown

Starting off with the appearance of the bags, the first thing I noticed is that these bags do not have an ACL stamp on them. I would not be surprised though, after having these bags in my hand and throwing them, that they will be approved for ACL use next season. If you follow the Big Asp Cornhole podcast page on Facebook, you may have seen these bags made it into their Best of the Bags challenge in the North Slow category already! As far as the design goes, the bag maker said they want the design to fit the name and that they do. The Chaos design really catches the eye. 

The Chaos series bags also have rounded corners which will help the bag find the hole better than bags with more squared off corners. The seam work on these bags is very tight all the way around which suggests to me that these bags will be quite durable. The closing stitch is well done with no excess hanging off, so you will not have to worry about trimming it or coming apart. A quality bag for sure!

If you like a bag that is not too floppy or too puffy, you will enjoy the feel of the Chaos series. They are firm but not to the point of being a hole clogger. We will test that theory out later. 724 Bagger Co. says the slow side will be a 3 with a fast side of a 7. The slow side is carpet while the fast side feels the same as the fast side of a Slide Rite, making this a good slick and stick bag to block and push. So, let us see how they are on the boards!

Chaos Series On Board Testing

I brought these bags to a local event where myself and a friend, who can throw pretty much any bag on the planet, test them out. We were throwing the Chaos Series bags right out of the packaging. I am usually not a fan of throwing new bags but to my surprise, these played very well right from the get go! They slide nicely into the hole with no kick or bounce. We had no problem putting all 4 in down and back several times regardless of throwing a blocker and pushing or just sliding them in.

If a bag hung on the hole, they would fall right in after being touched by another bag. You will not have to put a lot of effort into chasing these bags in, they are very hole friendly. Airmails will not be an issue with these bags either as they do collapse when hitting the hole.

Seeing that these bags are not broken in yet, they were faster than the 3 and 7 speeds, but that is to be expected with any new bag. I can tell that once they are broken in, the Chaos series bag will be at the numbers stated. The difference I felt between the new Chaos bags and other bags that are brand new is that these bags are very controllable from the start.

They do not come out of your hand prematurely, so these bags do give you that comfort of knowing that when you throw fast side down, you will not be short-bagging due to lack of grip. Best part for me again is that the Chaos Series did not kick on me regardless of the throwing on an angle, as I tend to have a 30-degree slant on the bag which helps my roll shot.

724 Bagger Co Chaos series lineup

After putting in 30 minutes of throwing, they loosened up to the point where I would be comfortable using them in a tournament. Judging by some of the podium pictures I have seen on various pages, these bags can help you get there. I think you will be seeing the Chaos Series out on the boards more often very soon. And, like I said at the beginning of this article, I could see these bags being ACL stamped for the 2021-2022 season no problem. Until then, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get your hands on a set of these quality bags and start making some noise on the boards with them!

Unfortunately, we do not sell these bags yet but we do have the largest selection of cornhole bags on the internet! So be sure to check out what we have in stock and ready to ship.

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