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ACL Bag Policy for 2020/21 Season

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ACL bag policy for 2020/21 cornhole season

Many of you are aware of the announcement today of the ACL Bag policy for the 2020/21 season. Once work of the guidelines and info leaked out, the players were sure to voice their opinions. Based on what we read, here is our interpretation of it.  Latest Version June 30, 2020.

Basically, from what I’ve read, every bag you own right now will be deemed illegal for ACL events on January 1, 2022.  This is an informative article, no clickbait or opinions here.  I’ve read over the policy and highlighted some changes for the bag manufacturers.  Licensing looks to be where they are going. 

Just to be clear, Approved bags on the previous season list that are not going to be on the current list, will be grandfathered for the current season and removed the following season if the bag brand remains in good standing with the ACL and will not be will not be selling that series name to the public in the current season.  So you, as the player, are good until January 2022 with your current bags. 

Major changes to the 2020/21 ACL Bag Policy:

All ACL approved bags require the appropriate designation and mark to be printed in the upper right corner of the closure stitch side of the bag.  Special Exceptions may apply.  

3 New Levels of Bags

  • Meant for fun, non-competitive cornhole play.  
  • ACL REC bags are not eligible to be used in ACL sanctioned events.
  • No new applications are being taken
  • Reliable bag series that is approved for competitive play 
  • Can be used in ACL points events as outlined by the BYOB Policy
  • Current Submission Fee:  $250
  • Annual Bag List Fee $100
  • Current Royalty Fee 10%
    • Tactile testing by the ACL Staff
    • Option to have friction and flexibility testing for additional $250. These measurements may be added to the left corner on the closure seam side of the bag.
    • Fabric must be maintained throughout the duration of its listing
    • The fill may slightly vary, but maintain its core characteristics
  • Best of the best in marketplace.
  • Required to have high quality fabrics, consistent filling and durable construction
  • To be approved for the ACL Pro Mark and Designation:
    • Current Submission Fee:  $1,000 (one time testing and license fee)
    • Annual Bag List Fee  $100
    • Current Royalty Fee 15%
    • Tactile testing and recommendation letters from a minimum of three current ACL Pro Players
    • Successful completion of the ACL Friction and Flexibility testing by the ACL.  The measurements have to be part of the public product description and may be added to the left corner of the closure seam of the bag.
    • Fabric and fill must be maintained through the duration of its listing
    • ACL Pros must have access to purchase any approved ACL Pro Bag Series.  In cases where there are capacity issues, the Bag Manufacturer must make at least two different broadcast color schemes available to all ACL Pros for immediate purchase.
ACL Broadcast Bags
  • ACL Pro approved bag series in good standing with proper marks
  • ACL Pro series being used on the broadcast must clearly have one primary color.  Reasonable judgement will be used for bags where the two side of the bag are a slight difference in shade due to dying process or certain materials.  Gradients, color patterns, and general design work are ONLY acceptable if they cover 100% of the bag (aside from the logo) and maintain the clear visibility of the primary color.  A solid color side and a pattern color side that makes the primary color not clearly evident to the viewing audience will not be approved for us on any ACL broadcst.
  • ACL Pro bag series must have the ACL Pro Mark, Bag manufacturer brand and a bag series name only.  Exceptions for the co-branded bags may be obtained with prior written approval.  Just one additional brand bags will be eligible for exception consideration. 

Bag specs stay the same as 2019/20 except for these two rules:

  • Special rounded corners note – the max deviation on a rounded corner is 0.5” from a 6.0” x 6.0” corner.  The width of the bag does not adjust the max deviation of the rounded corner
  • All bag parameters are measured by the current ACL bag measuring tools that are available to be purchased by anyone.  

Clarifications to ACL bag policy – 7/15/2020

Minor things not mentioned in the documentation we received on the bag policies which were confirmed by Trey Ryder in a podcast last night. Also so clarification on memberships for next season.

1. A bag series on the list currently will not have to pay the $1,000 fee. If you are a manufacturer and coming out with a new model/series that requires the fee.

2. ACL COMP BAGS can be used at any ACL sanctioned event EXCEPT PRO EVENTS

3. ACL PRO BAGS can be used at any event, so if you buy pro bags and aren’t a pro you can still use them at your regional, conference, etc.


Membership Fees:
* Basic membership (same as last year) $25
* Gold Membership $30
* Platinum Membership $100
Platinum includes basic membership. 1 year free ACLDN subscription, A pre-registration time frame for nationals so you can’t get locked out from registrations and access to monthly flash sales on the ACL Shop

For the players:
The bags you currently have are LEGAL until the start of the 2021/22 season. Most importantly, this only goes for those who play in ACL events. If you play in your backyard or a local tournament, you can use any bag you want!!

As things are added or changed, we will update this article to try to bring you all the correct information. ACL Website